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The much-awaited GE13 has come and gone but there was no change. However it was historic as being the most hotly-contested elections with the largest voter turnout of over 80 percent and unfortunately the it was also the dirtiest ever.

The people went out in droves to vote, hoping that they could change the country for good. Their hopes and aspirations vanished overnight on the fateful May 5, 2013.There was so much disappointment and sadness on seeing the results of that election. Many call it Blackout 505, marking it as the day when democracy died.

Yes, the elections are over but it is the same old regime and the same old tricks of which the people are all tired of continue after the election. Corruption, arrogance of power and racist intimidation continue unabated despite the ruling party winning only a minority of its share of the votes. Even when the majority of the voters wanted to bring about change peacefully at the ballot box, they were hindered and stopped by alleged fraudulent means.

Now, instead of moving forwards, we are being taken backwards to the same old days of racism and suppression of freedom and human rights. The Chinese are criticised for not voting for the ruling party and threatened their businesses will be boycotted.

Those not happy with the election results are asked to emigrate. If that is so 52 percent of the people must leave the country, including possibly over three-quarters of the taxpayers. Even a 24-year-old student is arrested a for allegedly wanting to bring down the mighty government whose legitimacy is under question. So despite the majority having voted for change, nothing has changed and the struggle for change and the fight against injustice go on.


Those in the helm of power seem to FEAR everyone and everything that is RIGHT. They fail to understand that this unfounded fear if not addressed will soon be the cause of their downfall.

The best outcome of the GE13 is the unprecedented unity among the people of various races, especially the young, that was evident in the massive multiracial crowds that turned up at the Blackout 505 rallies all over the country, chanting "Kami anak Malaysia". This is very encouraging and with our continued support, racism may soon see its exit from the lives of Malaysians.


It is indeed very disheartening and depressing to be denied the victory earned by hard work and tremendous sacrifice but let's not give up but move on with hope in peace and unity among the people which is being put to the test.

Let us all be patient and continue with our fight against racism, the last available weapon of the ruling elite, and keep up the pressure peacefully and watch their downfall that will be their doing and which will not be too far away. It’s now a battle between the racism of the ruling elite and racial unity of the ordinary rakyat in which history has shown that the battle will always be won by the people.

In this struggle for change it may be worthwhile to recall the encouraging words of our young student, Adam Adli Abd Halim, who said, “Be strong, keep up the fight, this is only the beginning”. At 24, he may be young enough to be our son but his brave words to the people on being arrested should inspire them in their struggle for change.

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