It's disappointing Waytha won't work with MIC

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I am not a member of MIC nor any political party. However, being an Indian it is natural for me to take a keen interest in issues and affairs related to the Indian community in the country.

I am happy to note that the MIC managed win four parliamentary seats and several state seats in the recently ended GE13.

It is also heartening to note that all the four MIC MPs have been appointed to the cabinet.

Whatever is said, it cannot be denied that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's personal touch and approach to the Indian community problems and issues has paid off handsomely for the MIC, which was predicted to be wiped out in the GE13.

As a member of the Indian community and one who has taken a neutral stance on many issues with regards to the Indian community, I am all for revitalisation and rebranding of the MIC.

I am sure the past and present leaders of MIC by now should have realised where they had gone wrong and why a large number of Indians rejected them.

The time has come for the MIC leadership to revitalise and work towards uniting the Indian community for a common good.

The recent friendship invitation by the deputy president of MIC Dr S Subramaniam to P Waythamoorthy is indeed a noble gesture by the good doctor.

However, I was sad and disappointed to learn that Waythamoorthy has turned it down and openly declared that he is not prepared to work with the MIC.

Waythamoorthy should reexamine his stance and try to grasp the concept of teamwork especially now that he has been appointed as a deputy minister in the Prime Minister's office.

It is unbecoming and does not reflect well on Waythamoorthy as a deputy minister to behave in such a vile manner.

I have been very supportive and sympathetic with Hindraf's struggles and objectives.

The moment our PM was prepared to work with Hindraf and offered a deputy minister post for Waythamoorthy, I was hoping that Hindraf will work together with MIC for the betterment of the Indians.

It appears now that Waythamoorthy is more keen to capitalise on a divided Indian community.

Waythamoorthy should realise that although the Indian community may be temporarily disillusioned with the MIC for whatever reasons, they have not given up on MIC.

The new leaders of MIC are definitely going to turn around MIC to be once again attractive and relevant to the Indian community.

It will be good if Waythamoorthy does some soul searching and find ways and means to cooperate with MIC on matters related to the uplifting of the Indian community.

Waytha, please don't get swell headed with your appointment as a deputy minister, let the past be the past, look at your appointment as an opportunity to foster good relationship with all parties concerned so that we can bring together (unite) the Indian community.

In the meanwhile, MIC should continue to rebrand and revitalise its activities and work along with anyone out there who is prepared to support its aspiration of uplifting the Indian community.


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