Make our differences a strength, not a weakness

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Elections are over. For some the battles are won while others suffered losses and they cannot wait for the next one to come.

There are so many unpleasant comments made by politicians in media like newspapers, online news, radio and television that you begin to see how fragmented our society has become.

There are those who put race-baiting as a favourite way to unite their own group of citizenry after the just-finished election.

This is good for their target groups but it is at the expense of others and national reconciliation.

Sadly, they have not based their comments on facts as the surveys clearly show that the election results were much dependent on the new first-time voters as well as the urban/rural class divide.

The results itself which shows 52 percent voting for the opposition clearly dispels any ill-perceived notion that the votes cast were based on race.

Unfortunately, these unhealthy race-baiting and blame-throwing have also been picked up by ordinary people and pitting Malaysian against Malaysian.

That is very regretful as after 50-over years together, we still consider ourselves not as teammates but on opposing teams.

Economics-wise, our country which was once on par with South Korea and Singapore, have fallen way behind.

Other Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam are fast on our heels.

Sportswise, especially team sports, we have dropped to such low levels that it is embarrassing that we are now in the same group as those we considered laggards a decade ago.

Where is the team spirit? Where is the love for our country? Where is national pride? Where have the yesteryears gone? Why aren't we moving forward as a country?

While Malaysians are busy fighting among themselves for recognition in Malaysia, who is fighting for recognition of our Negara Ku, in the international arena?

Heads up Malaysians, now is the time to challenge yourselves to look beyond our differences especially race and religion.

See our differences as our strength and not make it our weakness. It is important for our country's leaders to take the lead in this. The fight is out there in the international arena and not between us.

Stand up for national reconciliation to make it count. Do not let our country down!


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