MCA, MIC, Gerakan MPs, last chance to be relevant

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Dear MCA, MIC, and Gerakan parliamentarians, this is your last chance to stay relevant.

Your political parties are now gasping for extra oxygen and are lying on their deathbeds.

All dying souls have to go through the process where they see flashes of images from their lives.

Our conscience will come and haunt us, and we will be asking many questions; "Have I lived a good life?", "Why are so many people abandoning me in my hour of need?", "What have I done to deserve this?"

Our country is in a deteriorating state beyond repair thanks to your help. If I was in your situation I would act according to my conscience to redeem myself so that I will die a good death with a clear conscience.

I would ask myself - what is the best thing that I can do now? Is there anything I can do for the national interest instead of personal interest?

Yes there is; MCA, MIC and Gerakan parliamentarians, there is always hope for salvation.

You can join the East Malaysian team to look into the possibility of making a no-confidence motion on the current Prime Minister Najib Razak in Parliament.

Yes, MCA, MIC and Gerakan, this is your last chance to stay relevant. When Parliament convenes, you can cross the floor.

Help the East Malaysian bloc to make a motion of no-confidence on Najib. You can also elect a prime minister on the floor of Parliament.

If you are part of the team that elects Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to be the new prime minister, your community will be happy to see that you finally did the right thing after all these years.

They might forgive you and move on from there, hopefully.

Central committee MCA member Ong Ka Chuan was quoted as saying: "Since we are aiming to change and win back the support of the younger generation, we should elect younger party leaders who can better connect with them."

Ong is barking up the wrong tree. Aiming at getting support back from the younger generation does not give new life to MCA.

If you continue to have thoughts like that you might as well start looking for a Taoist priest and set the funeral date for MCA.

Doing the right thing for the national interest is the only possible way to salvage the party from oblivion.

MCA Young Professionals Bureau chief Chua Tee Yong has been quoted as saying: "I urge all the NGOs and parties to stop making accusations and snide remarks.

"All of us should work together with the government in its efforts to enhance nation-building and reconciliation plans. Education should not be used as a weapon for one's political interests."

You guys with big job titles and big name titles have always been saying the right thing since I was born. Listen! Listen! Listen!

But when are you going to do the right thing?

If you want to know the reasons why you should leave BN please read this article .

Read more articles from Malaysiakini and you will hopefully wake up.

This is your last chance MCA, MIC and Gerakan. If you do the right thing, you might be heroes.

Even if the motion to elect Tengku Razaleigh does not sail through Parliament, at least you have done the right thing for our nation.

I assure you Umno cannot send you back to India or China!

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