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We won't forget how CM labelled a holy pig

Only in this country could a small group of extremists label a chief minister of a state a holy pig and “kurang ajar” and get away with it. Only in this country would a chief minister making a statement based on his legal interpretation be considered as encroachment into the rights of others. When are these extremists going to grow up?

Whatever Lim Guan Eng had said or did not say, we should all debate decently and if possible allow the due process to determine whether he has infringed any law in the country.

But this is not the case. Everyone in the country knows that the extremists are bullying others with raw power and brutal force. They know non-Muslims and non-Malays are the minority and powerless to retaliate. In fact, have you seen non-Malays resorting to trigger-happy demonstrations like this group of extremists in Penang? Since Pakatan took over the helm of the state government, may I know how many demonstrations have been staged by them?

Don’t forget that the tactic used was most uncouth and depraved. We have not forgotten the cake in the shape of faeces that was presented to the chief minister. We have not forgotten the photograph of the chief minister put up as if it was for his funeral. We have not forgotten there was once a challenge to “fist fight” with the chief minister.

We have not forgotten the aggressive storming of the state government office building. We have not forgotten the intrusion into the state assembly building. Now, surely we will not forget how the chief minister of the state was labelled as a holy pig, a wild boar, et cetera.

Have we ever asked why they are so bold and vile? Do you think they are brave? Do you think they are fighting for justice and equality? No, I don’t think so. On the contrary, they are cowardly, depraved and uncouth. They are not man enough to indulge in politics the proper way. They are hiding behind religion, race and royalty to further their own selfish political ambitions.

Don’t be mistaken. This group of extremists is not just doing harm to the non-Malays or non-Muslims. This group of extremists will eventually destroy the ‘political culture’ of this country. Politics from now on does not need intellect, decorum and contest of ideas. All it needs is samseng culture, uncouth behaviour and raw power.

I urge the authorities, particularly the police, to nip in the bud this fast emerging moronic culture perpetrated by the extremists. Please do not sacrifice long-term interests of this country for short term expediency. What this group is doing is not contesting for political power in a democratic way. What they are doing is akin to staging an upheaval to destabilise a legitimately-elected government with inflammation and hatred.