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Seven reasons that will make Bersih 5’s war cry resonate nationwide

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Bersih has just announced that Nov 19 is the date for Bersih 5. The very line-up of Malaysians of various ethnic origins at the press conference in the meaningful, striking but once outlawed yellow T-shirts is enough to charge up the rakyat’s hope for a better nation.

Its clarion call, ‘Stand United, New Malaysia’ certainly is a well-thought and wisely-chosen theme that echoes the sentiments, hopes, fears and pains of the times.

Having won the court cases heaped upon Bersih by the Najib Abdul Razak regime, this Bersih 5 is bound to inspire even sheepish fence-sitters to stand up and be counted.

Going by the past four attempts’ track record of Bersih rallies, Malaysians will once again prove to the world that indeed they are not savage, brutish, uncouth trouble rouses but peaceful citizens who care enough for their nation’s long-term future.

If any dark forces are tempted to unleash their thuggish ‘dedak’ forces upon this defining date, they better be wiser for the times have changed drastically this time around of Bersih 5.

One, the rakyat are far too tired of the 1MDB debacle that continues to swirl in denials after denials unashamedly. This has affected the business community too in more ways than you would readily admit.

Two, the stance taken by Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his team are indeed going to be an ‘Invincible 7’ by any account. You are talking about a ‘premium political class’ of Malays turning against a Malay regime. Even if Najib had crowned himself with the cries of a ‘Bugis Warrior’, do not underestimate this Team 7 Malay force that was once on the Umno defence and now openly stating that Umno has betrayed the Malays.

Three, the recent ‘earthquake handshake’ between Dr Mahathir and the political prisoner Anwar Ibrahim is not one of accident. It is of packed with strategic dynamite. It is not going to end there, even though Najib’s propaganda machinery is working overtime to negate the episode. It is bound to reach a centre-point and Bersih 5 will be the gravitating force here.

Four, all the opposition political parties (with the exception of the fast stagnating PAS owing to their obsession with ‘hudud’ this and ‘haram’ that), despite their own political mantras are united on one pivotal vantage - the remove Najib agenda. This is one force that Najib’s oarsmen will find hard to tackle.

Five, even if the adage ‘desperate men go for desperate measures in desperate times’ is being considered behind sealed doors of the war room of Najib, the prime minister of Malaysia should by now know that no nation can draw the blinds on the world community and do as he pleases. The decades old geo-political economic history of this nation that has a constitutional monarchy cannot be shut down by any political leader just like that.

Not a slogan of war

Six, the Bersih 5 theme, ‘Stand United, New Malaysia’ is not a slogan of war. It resonates with all that the Malaysians cradle close to their bosom since the time of the Scorpene allegations; the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder; the refurbished official jets; the oppressive and untold sufferings arising from the Goods and Services Tax (GST); the re-jailing of Anwar; the slashing of budgets for essential services including hospitals; the allegedly obscenely extravagant shopping sphere allegations against a prime minister’s wife reported globally; the perceived weakening of the judiciary and legislature while bolstering teh executive powers - all of these and several other public concerns now have a new found hope with Bersih 5’s clarion call.

Seven, Najib and his coterie need to be told the truth at least out of a Malaysian-styled sympathy culture. The truth is, Najib does not anymore enjoy the ‘majority’ support as has been paraded using the latest by-elections and recent state election. The Umno members themselves are leaving the fold even if you keep screaming that these are isolated, lost and hopeless traitors. And Umno knows only too well that MCA and MIC are already gearing to jump ship at an opportune time.

Who wants to die with a sinking ship? Surely giving birth to a government conceived upon fair and just elections is what democratic new Malaysia is all about, is it not?

Hence Bersih 5 is all about building a new nation with united Malaysians. This hope, this aspiration, this intent will be cherished and even our revered constitutional monarch can be very proud of it in the eyes of the global community of progressive, moderate and democratic civilisation.

Viva Bersih 5.

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