The world knows that Maria did not walk with grenades and mortars

JD Lovrenciear

Modified 21 Nov 2016, 7:37 am

An open letter to the wife of Malaysia’s prime minister

The Najib Abdul Razak government of the day, through its seemingly iron-fist reactions, is earning increasing condemnation from citizens in Malaysia and the growing voices of conscience around the globe.

The continuous detention of Bersih chief Maria Chin Abdullah under mysterious circumstances raises serious concerns and condemnations, going by the outpouring in the online and social media.

Why must a woman and mother, who was willing to reclaim a greater nation for all citizens through peaceful inspiration be dehumanised under solitary confinement?

Why must a woman with no political affiliation or political ambition, be tormented in a cell that has no windows, whereas the whole world saw past and present leaders in the country stand up and walk in support of her singular hope and vision for a better nation that could be a beacon for change to the world of corrupt regimes?

Why must all the powers that be, including allegely religious and piety-peddling leaders in Malaysia, remain mum over this cruelty being meted out to one woman under the horrendous Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) law?

Why must, one woman be victimized when over a hundred thousand citizens poured out onto the streets of Kuala Lumpur peacefully and without any dangerous threat to a nation’s security with hopes for a better nation and a better leadership?

This is not the way to silence let alone treat a social icon of civil justice. This is not the path to travel if governments desire to earn the goodwill and admiration of their citizens.

In this ‘New Age’ where truth, transparency, justice and honor is being showcased instantly and persistently through the social media, Najib is making a grave and compounding mistake for which he cannot now let his institutions to lump it all on the head of one woman and mother.

Even Islamic State (IS) terrorists are given access to justice and humane treatment. Even prisoners of terrorism are given more respect (as seen in American detention centres).

Hopefully Rosmah Mansor, who never fails to present to us her compassion, love and care for women, will step forward in the best interest for all concerned Malaysian women and in response to the pleas from all mothers to ensure that this is not the way to treat Maria.

Prayerfully, Rosmah will live up to her sound preaching that a woman must stand by her man and tell her husband, the prime minister, that ill-advise and evil intention are not the way forward for a nation that aspires to be a ‘high-income nation’ and relentlessly canvases for foreign investment and making Malaysia a ‘second home’.