Political currency left high and dry by a Catholic faith leader

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Online portals are ablaze with two contrasting news outbreaks.

On the one hand, we have the leader of the Catholic faith, the former Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam, attending the prayers for the late and much respected Muslim scholar Kassim Ahmad in the mosque in Kulim.

And rightly, media labels it as "a rare moment" if you were to take into account the political war cries relentlessly blarred in the name and defence of religion and race these days.

Meanwhile, we now also have a case of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) officer who is seemingly "alleged" to have criticised the Johor ruler on Sunday.

Not only that, the preacher is also said to have called the Chinese community "unclean".

As we watch these two contrasting scenarios unfurling on our beloved nation's current history, it is crystal clear that Malaysians have no problem in respecting, honouring and co-existing despite our respective religious beliefs.

This has been proven by the very act of the Catholic Archbishop who sat in the mosque and joined the congregation of Muslims as they prayed and fulfilled the dictates of their faith.

But what you see from the vanguard of the Muslim faith is very disturbing and certainly does not reflect the true and honourable principles of co-existence lived out by all Malaysians.

And in the wake of the Council of Rulers issuing a poignant and responsible press statement on the need to preserve, cherish and propagate this religious, racial harmony and respect in Malaysia, it is time that Malaysians bandied together and silenced all politicians and so-called vanguards of faith and ethnicity from their unending divisive strategies to stay in power.

Malaysians have sent a loud message to all these diabolical politicians and salaried religious vanguards that the political currency of divisiveness must end and it better stop now, today.

Unfortunately, we have yet to hear even a whisper from the leader of all Malaysians.

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