Establish diplomatic ties with Israel now

Kanul Gindol


LETTER | The "new Malaysia" under the Pakatan Harapan coalition should wean itself from the previous regime BN's anti-Israeli stance. It is time for Malaysia to consider establishing diplomatic ties, over undiplomatic ones, with a nation like Israel.

Enough of this shameful and unproductive shouts by the Malaysian PM to ban Israeli athletes from competing in international games hosted by our country. Why do you mislead the world when you offered to host the coming Paralympic swimming meet in Sarawak?

The new federal cabinet consensus on continuing the old, overflowing anti-Israeli stance is perplexing to me when even many Arab countries have recently openly embraced Israeli top leaders as partners. Does Malaysia know the Middle East better than Saudi Arabia, Jordan or the UAE? I don't really think so.

Such unfruitful and un-Olympic behaviour will diminish Malaysia's future chances to host more prestigious games like the Olympic Games. It is shameful. We are failing ourselves and our future generations.

Not all Israeli athletes are Jews and many are from other nations too like the Arabs. Having said that, Jew and Arab athletes are both so equally desirable as brothers and sisters in sports and cultural engagements. It is the evil politicians who pollute sports.

Just look at the Jewish accomplishments. They have the highest number of recipients of the coveted Nobel prizes. We can learn one or two good things from them. I also want to learn from them besides from the other races of the world.

Malaysia cannot and should not continue to single out Israel for all the troubles in the Middle-East. Israel is but a tiny dot on the map of the Middle East surrounded by so-called "enemies".

Most civilised countries, including our neighbours Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia have all established diplomatic relations with Israel. In fact, Cambodia (if I'm not mistaken) is the first Southeast Asian country to open an embassy in Jerusalem and not Tel Aviv.

We all know, too, that many useful consumer items in this world such as medicines/drugs, IT, programmes, even food and beverages were invented or produced by the Jewish people and we use them unashamedly. Why is there so much hypocrisy in us?

Malaysia, please stop this Israel-bashing for once and establish diplomatic ties soon.

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