Questionable military land swap deals undermine national security

JD Lovrenciear


LETTER | It is shocking to discover how politicians had compromised our national defence through their approvals of land swap deals and forced relocations of army bases.

Leave aside monetary gains and corruption possibilities for now.

If this is not betraying our national sovereignty then pray enlighten us -  what then is the meaning of national security?

Given the cases being investigated of how those in power traded strategic military needs for vote banks, we must not take years to punish the crafty wrongdoers.

We must also hold all those in uniform who let these diabolic actions slip through their armours of vigilance at the expense of the interests of national defence.

When a commoner citizen steals a can of milk powder to feed his hungry child, we waste no time in letting the law bite hard.

When our national defence strategies and security are exploited to the hilt just to ensure certain politicians and political parties remain in power we cannot let even a day drag on before we punish the wrongdoers.

Our Rulers too cannot remain silent.

Our defence ministry captains cannot fight shy and choose to remain anonymous.

Citizens who uphold patriotism must march for quick justice.

This is our country. This is our duty to protect our nation.

Indeed the land swap deals and remobilising of entire camps for political expediency is treason of the highest order.

So where are the voices of those who scream 'in defence of race and religion and rulers'?

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