Transgender problem in Malaysia exposes our bigotry and hypocrisy

JD Lovrenciear

Modified 11 Dec 2019, 4:09 am

LETTER | Transgender problem in Malaysia exposes our bigotry and hypocrisy.

Indeed, Suhakam has rightly stepped forward in defence of the "third sex".

While the world around us has matured in thinking commensurate with scientific and medical understanding of the transgender presence in the human community, Malaysia continues to pretend otherwise.

Religion is the lens used to castigate and victimise the transgender community here.

But then again Islam is not exclusive and unique to the territory of Malaysia. 

It has a universal presence and Islam does not rear an ugly head to whip the transgender communities all over the world.

Some Malaysian leaders take cover under the argument that it is not our culture. 

The truth is they are not willing to admit the fact that within our distinct cultures that are melting constantly, there are transgenders born every day.

This is the problem with Malaysia. 

Our leaders lack leadership. And so they take cover behind the easy way out, that is, one of wholesale denial.

Yet we are prepared to thump our chests before the world claiming we are going to achieve developed world status by a postponed date to 2025.

Developed world status is not by mortar and gleaming glass alone or by the money you make; it must be driven with maturing cultural mindsets, spiritual awakening and humility to embrace new understandings. 

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