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MACC rightfully discharged duty, moral obligation

JD Lovrenciear

LETTER | MACC expose deserves praise for its courage and a good sense of public accountability.

Why on earth would some quarters start throwing brickbats at MACC for its courageous expose of the wiretapping that is literally smoking the rats out of their holes?

MACC has rightfully discharged its duty and moral obligation to public accountability by going to the press with all the details of the conversations between personalities within the shrouded and tightly secured corridors of power.

In doing so, MACC has fulfilled its sacrosanct duty to citizens, in cleaning up and in its attempts to fight corruption to the last letter.

The expose does not add to sub judice as claimed by some defenders of those implicated.

The expose is not counter-productive to diplomatic relations. On the contrary, it sends a strong message that there is no room in this world for plotters and deceitful gainers.

It is time that our leaders and paid civil servants learnt their lessons the hard way.

Owe up. Pay up.

Enough of cover-ups and justifications taken behind the blankets of national security, diplomatic relations, sub judice, wrong procedures and whatnots.

The citizens who demand for the rule of law and leadership with full integrity and accompanying measures of accountability have a constitutional and democratic right to know the ugly truths.

Procedures are merely academic. Truth is the ultimate.

Syabas to the leadership within MACC. This unprecedented step taken by Lateefa Koya and her officers will not only affirm the long-held suspicion among netizens but it will also tell all those who have tainted their hands with loads of sins of commission and omission that truth and justice will triumph.

You can pay for the best defence legal eagles or fight for procedural correctness but with credibility lost, its best you now throw the towel in and make penance.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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