LETTER | Local political din drowns a bigger problem in Malaysia

JD Lovrenciear


LETTER | What is the unseen undercurrent sweeping under Malaysia?

Many will be looking at the endless politicking and power tussles that make the daily diet of breaking news as the major problems since February 2020.

Meanwhile, we may all be missing a more worrisome scheme of things taking shape beyond the eyes of the commoner folks in Malaysia.

If the just published book 'China in Malaysia' by Prof Edmund Terrence Gomez and Dr Cheong Kee Geok is not going to rock the country, then, in all probability, we may even not notice an earthquake.

Indeed Communist China's ever-growing presence in Malaysia should be the biggest concern of a nation that keeps ranting about race and privileges.

From a market flooded with China made technologies to products, Malaysia is also home to China's citizens.

Not only does the communist government have its very own university here, there are also other developments, facilities and infrastructures dotting the country that ooze of China investments.

Why are our leaders mum about these infiltrations?

Not only do we read about China's attack on our fishermen's livelihood but even our navy is rudely brushed aside as China makes it claim to the South China Sea.

But when a foreign entity ploughs its foot on our own land and with its fingerprints all over our economy and business, do we not ask concerned questions out of patriotism to this independent sovereign nation that is home to 32 million citizens?

One leader not too long ago even had the pathetic gall to state openly that China is a powerful nation and it would be difficult for a small nation like Malaysia to stand up to them (China's penetrative presence on Malaysia).

Terrence and Cheong raise relevant questions and their expose in the book should be our topmost concern.

We must not be clouded by the local political storms and remain naive of the investments pouring in to benefit a foreign country - and worse still, a communist regime.

We Malaysians have to ask questions and demand answers if we believe we are the proud inheritors of a sovereign independent nation, Malaysia.

Let us not become pawns in the hands of any nation, just because we are 'small' and 'helpless'.

Look at Israel, if you must to become more sober.

Israel is 22,145sq km in size while we are 329,847sq km.Their population is 8.6 million while Malaysia is 32 million.

Can we stand united, stand tall and question our own leaders over what is happening to our economy, our financial road maps and why are we seeing China take up sizeable pieces here while depriving our own people of the business opportunities?

Perhaps the patriotic media should take up the book 'China in Malaysia' and give coverage so more Malaysians will wake up to and be real patriots.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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