LETTER | Time to transcend the health and economic scares of the coronavirus

JD Lovrenciear


LETTER | The general worldwide view is that Covid-19 is a health concern. And there is also a global scramble to prop up collapsing economies.

Politicians are racing to bring any 'breakthrough' vaccine to their homelands, at any cost, as they know it will be celebrated by the masses with seeming relief that this novel coronavirus has been conquered.

Returning to normalcy - the economic systems that we humans have mastered these past two centuries, and to see to the fulfilment of political expediencies across the globe - have therefore become symbiotically intertwined with and restricted to health and economic concerns the world over.

But is Covid-19 more than just a health scare or an economic battle that must be fought hard to return life to our known 'normalcy' all these two centuries?

Or, is it far beyond the realms of politics, economy and health?

I am of the humble opinion that humanity is facing an unprecedented challenge that affronts civilization's pathway.

Will the Covid-19 pandemic demolish our post-war economic mantras, tear apart our social fabrics and recalibrate political thoughts?

If it does, then civilization is at its cusp of taking a whole new path, which largely remains as anyone's wildest guess.

As we span the pages of world history and human civilization, one cannot deny that the Covid-19 will recalibrate our journey ahead as a species on planet Earth.

In fact, even this 'new normal' of human conduct that is being propagated and enforced with punishment in itself threatens to change human behaviour as we have known so far.

Hopefully, politicians, academicians, analysts and world leaders can help prepare the human thrust in facing up to the pandemic with a broader, deeper understanding of the realities challenging human existence.

It calls for truth at its best.

We need to go beyond the canvass of economic recoveries, health conquests and social stabilisation, which are now being frequently and falsely painted by politicians.

We need to see the coming tides on a civilization that needs structural recalibration in order to be in harmony with the very design of creation, as has been made known to humanity since the dawn of our existence.

The ravages of Covid-19 go beyond politics, economics and impede upon the societal frameworks built these past two centuries.

That is the stark reality. All else are plain self-denials.

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