LETTER | M'sia fast losing out in economic growth to Asean neighbours

JD Lovrenciear


LETTER | It is a fact that Malaysia is fast slipping on the Asean roadway of economic acceleration.

While party politicians will rush to defend stating "economies of scale" as the key reason for a shift in investors from Malaysia to other regional destinations, the truth must be investigated.

Why are automobile industries abandoning Malaysia? Why are some electronic investors closing down here?

Why is Japan, a one-time favourite partner in Malaysia, moving away to Indonesia?

Why is even South Korea weighing in on our Asean neighbours?

Could it be because we are getting very close and comfortable with an ever-growing communist China partnership?

One ageing leader recently said that China is far too big and powerful for a tiny nation like ours to ignore or say "No".

Could that signal that we are surrendering our once "Asian Tiger" badge too quickly and quietly?

Looking around the country, one cannot deny the suspicion that we are growing fast and more comfortable with communist China than Jewish Israel.

To even mention "Jew" is taboo here.

Meanwhile, cities are being dredged up and created for China nationals. Proton is now a China co-partner, with the Geely badge overshadowing the Made-in-Malaysia honour.

We have an entire new building to house a sprawling China University in the vicinity of the federal and administrative capital, Putrajaya.

Look at the products filling up our nation - from onions to frozen stuff to spare parts and household products. If you do not find a "Made in China" items in your home or office, you are history.

Even the 1MDB scandal has already got a good link in China with the rumours of safe harbour granted to a wanted fugitive.

If a nation whose often and proudly stated official religion is Islam cannot associate itself with a Jewish Israel, how do we decipher Islam's stand in so far as communism goes?

Soon, even our defence artillery may be wholly made in China. Lest we forget, Huawei is a household name here already.

Maybe, we will abandon Google for something like Baidu? Or migrate from WhatsApp and the upcoming Signal to WeChat and Tencent QQ?

With Xiaomi rooting fast in Malaysia, your conclusion is as good as mine, perhaps.

Maybe, Umno or PAS officials can help dispel the growing concerns?

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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