LETTER | New Year report card for Malaysia's politicians

JD Lovrenciear


LETTER | If we the citizens were to grade our politicians, what would the report card show?

A big fail, of course.

Politicians from all sides of the divide are running our country aground when we should have been the gold standard, at least in the region given our unique advantage as a constitutional monarchy, our vast and inherent wealth and the economic standing reflected in our development and progress of past decades.

But in the face of a twelve months battle with a pandemic, the nation is buckling.

None of the politicians has demonstrated convincing leadership qualities to unite the people beyond race, religion, social and economic barricades.

None of them has consistently brought hope for a nation that is instead kept sinking in the embroiled warring politicians' seeming plots and counterplots.

An ultimate victory given by the rakyat to oust a long suspected corrupt regime was squandered away by the politicians.

With their abandoning of the sanctified citizen's manifesto that was meant to take the nation to its next level of glory, their actions and inactions even seem to drag our revered constitutional monarch through their mud-battles.

And now the prevailing Covid-19 has fortified all the more the failing grades of these politicians.

Their coup government keeps failing unendingly, unable to save a nation battered by political enmity and amateurish, desperado policies.

When corruption continues to remain, what seems like a mere cosmetic remedy, how can we even pass the politicians with a 'D' grade?

If we ever unearth the vast wealth being scurried away by the politicians and or their proxies and kith and kin, be it the vast mansions, luxury yachts, or their dabbling in lucrative contracts and stocks, would we not fail them?

When hope in our politicians is dashed, chipping away the rock of governance, it is conclusive that our politicians' report card is a big, red 'F'.

Of course, hired cybertroopers and oblivious dreamers will even ostracise if not threaten with admonishment over this assessment.

Political defenders will unhesitatingly counter with claims that all the gleaming glass and mortar is evidence of the greatness of our politicians.

Well, we must know that with the passage of hardly one calendar year through this covid pandemic the rakyat is already breaking on their knees, suffocating under economic, financial and healthcare paralysis.


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