LETTER | Women's roles during this pandemic

Nurhazmira Muhd Ali


LETTER | Covid-19 is a virus that everyone should be more aware of. Due to this virus, the prime minister imposed a nationwide lockdown which is the latest movement control order (MCO) to prevent this virus from spreading.

This MCO affected a lot of people such as businesses, employees and students. With this current situation that happening around the world including our country, we can see that not only men have a role to prevent this virus from spreading but women too also play a major role.

There are a few roles of women during this pandemic.

First as a frontliner. Frontliners not only involve men but also include women. For instance as doctors, nurses, volunteers, police and so on. It shows how women can also participate in helping our country to prevent this pandemic from getting worse.

Women also support the family’s financial resources. During this pandemic, many workers were fired because the businesses are suffering from a downturn. Especially when a father or husband who works in a business industry is directly affected.

As a wife, a woman can do few things such as selling food or clothes from home to support her family’s financial resources. It will make the relationship between husband and wife closer because they will always be there to help one another.

Lastly, a mother brings positive energy into a home. It is essential as a mother to bring positive energy into her house because the Prophet said, "I guarantee a house on the quarters of Paradise, a house in the middle of Paradise and a house in the highest part of Paradise for one who gives up arguing even if he is right, who gives up lying even while joking, and who makes his character excellent”.

Mothers can prepare several activities for their family to enjoy such as cooking and doing some keep fit exercises together. This so all the family members do not feel bored staying at home and they also build good relationships among themselves.

All the roles that women play during the Covid-19 pandemic show that they have the same role as men to help our country prevent this coronavirus situation from getting worse and affecting our social and economic activities in the longer term.

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