LETTER | Kedah MB's alleged SOP breach - can we let the truth prevail?

TK Chua


LETTER | Can we Malaysians, whether we are sidekicks, aides, fans, supporters or adversaries, let the truth prevail for once?

I think everybody is stressed given the lockdown situation we are in. Therefore, when seeing double standards or abuse of power being perpetrated, many would certainly get very upset.

I have no way of knowing who was telling the truth with regard to the menteri besar of Kedah (Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor [above]) being exposed for allegedly violating MCO rules. I do not know whether the test drive had really taken place or not.

I also have no way of knowing whether the person exposing the incident has any other motive other than wanting everybody to be responsible. Even if she or he has other motives, did the incident, i.e. the test drive, really happen? 

When a person reports a crime, must we first find out whether that person has any other motive other than reporting the crime?

So here is my take: 

(i) The authorities must investigate the “incident” to determine the truth as quickly as possible. 

(ii) We should wait for the truth before taking sides.

According to reports, the menteri besar's fans and supporters are accusing and harassing the person who made the exposé. There are also the menteri besar's adversaries who have offered assistance, including legal assistance, for the same person who made the report.

In the meantime, I think the investigating authorities must act fast. The alleged breach occurred in a public place. The accusation is time and place-specific. There were showroom personnel and many others in close proximity.

I think it shouldn’t be difficult to determine whether the MB was in that place at that time. It shouldn’t be difficult to determine what he was doing as well.

In politics, there will be supporters and adversaries. But do we let supporters and adversaries decide on the right and wrong of an incident?

To me, the authorities and the enforcers of the law must come clean. They must do the needful without fear and favour. Otherwise, we are doomed, seriously.

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