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LETTER | The nation's worst traitors in the LCS scandal

LETTER | If you think the Japanese of World War II were cruel you may not be wrong. And the Japanese too somewhat admitted to their war crimes and regained some pride and place in the contemporary world.

If you think the communists whom our soldiers paid with their lives to defeat were enemies of the nation, you are right too. Our soldiers did it for the love of the nation.

But when our own citizens cheat or steal in matters of national defence in this age and time what can you say about them?

The littoral combat ship (LCS) scandal that has taken so long to surface reveals there are people in power who are prepared to betray an entire nation.

Stealing, cheating, or even being negligent over the non-delivery of all-paid-for defence warships is treason against the king, people, and nation.

Such traitors must be punished.

Justice must swoop down swiftly. The question of “one is innocent until proven guilty” and even extending the grace of appeals, delays, excuses, and pardons cannot be entertained.

In matters of national defence, taking ownership and being accountable for failures is a categorical imperative and is non-negotiable.

But in Malaysia, all we hear is an avalanche “No I did not do it, I was not in charge then, you should ask my predecessor”.

The truth is, anyone who cheats, steals, or willfully remains negligent in matters concerning the defence of our nation is a traitor. Period.

And saintly silence in the face of national security and betrayal is not an option either.

If the government does not act fast and decisively then we surely will become a rogue nation in the eyes of the world.

Likewise, it is imperative that the courts exercise judicious, independent, and fearless execution of justice that is of impeccable order.

No matter who you are, if you have dirtied your hands over matters of national defence, then you do not even deserve to be a citizen of this ailing nation.

All eyes are on the LCS scandal. If those entrusted to save our nation cannot see to it then patriotic citizens have to do that job ultimately - that is if we truly believe in patriotism.

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