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LETTER | Post-Merdeka and pre-Malaysia Day reflections

LETTER | We just played our parts in a myriad of ways, registering a hopeful dawn for Malaysia as we mark our 65 years of Independence. 

Come mid-September, we look forward to even greater hopes of seeing Malaysia Day draw the forces of good over evil as we resolve to build a better Malaysia for everyone. 

It is crystal clear that corrupt leaders, profiteering civil servants, greedy business people and hollow citizens are the ones who have robbed and ruined a nation from becoming a truly progressive society. 

It is now up to all patriotic, caring and morally committed citizens to finish the race come GE15 which we all know is anytime soon despite the mystic-like attempts by leaders to keep the date in wraps. 

The lallangs and fence-sitters must know too that indifference or a sense of hopelessness is no different from the corrupting, corruptible, and corrupted. 

Worse too are those who live in a world of make-believe, ignoring all the massive corruption that has robbed millions of citizens' hope for a meaningful and fulfilling livelihood. 

For a nation blessed with abundant, natural wealth, there should be no citizen left in the shadows of struggles. But more and more citizens are already sliding into the pits of B40 or remain trapped in the choking M40 strata, unfortunately. 

Those few who have been fortunate to have wealth, education, and a good life, however, cannot ignore the universal truth that all blessings must eventually be shared with all of humanity. 

In this regard, let us be with one another in our march to cleanse this nation of robbers, thieves, parasites, and cancerous inaction.

No nation can rise and be a beacon if its wealth is hoarded and stolen. 

No political party can enjoy a “right to serve” (as is being claimed by some Rasputins) if it continues to cling to self-serving agendas of deceit.

No leader can survive if the people rise against the lack of accountability. 

Power is not a birthright. Power can only be given by a society’s recognition of the good that one does for citizens.

Let us have a wilful stake in the belief that 2022 will be the defining history for our future. 

To love Malaysia is to love ourselves, our families, relatives and fellow Malaysians categorically consistent with moral, spiritual, religious, or universal truths. 

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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