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I refer to the letter Majority of non-Muslim Arabs use 'Allah' for God .

I agree that 'Allah' is an Arabic word for God. The question here is that the non-Muslims (the Christians to be exact) in Malaysia want to use that word not in the Arabic context but in the Bahasa Malaysia context.

In Bahasa Malaysia, the right word for God is 'Tuhan', not 'Allah'. We Muslims use the word 'Allah ' because our prayers are in the Arabic language.

I would like to pose a big question: Will some also use the word 'Allah ' in Mandarin or Hokkien or Tamil to denote God? I bet my last ringgit that the answer would be 'no'.

This idea of others using the word 'Allah' is to just confuse Muslims, especially Muslim children and youths.

I would also to point out here that the Indonesian Bible uses the word 'Alah' and not 'Allah' as claimed by Mr Tambourine and others.