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LETTER | South China Sea dispute: What was Anwar thinking?

LETTER | In a recent address to Dewan Rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim made a statement that sent shockwaves throughout the nation.

This is pertaining to the prime minister’s remarks about the country's will to negotiate with China over concerns about Petronas' exploration activities in the South China Sea.

According to Perikatan Nasional chairperson Muhyiddin Yassin, such a remark could have far-reaching consequences for Malaysia's territorial claims.

But why is Muhyiddin’s stance on this issue so crucial, and how does Anwar’s position endangers the country's sovereignty? Let's delve more closely.

Regardless of China's claims, it is essential to realise that our territorial rights are not up for negotiation.

By opening the door to talks, the prime minister cedes Malaysia's dignity and sovereignty to a foreign power. This act of diplomatic weakness is, in Muhyiddin's terms, "irresponsible" and puts the country's authority at risk.

Perikatan Nasional chairperson Muhyiddin Yassin

Furthermore, indirectly acknowledging China's claim, Anwar's statement undermines Malaysia’s established legal territory.

This irresponsible action threatens to destabilise our standing among Asean member states, which have collectively rejected Beijing's "nine-dash line”.

The people question why the prime minister would make such a fragile, diplomatically risky move.

Could the Harapan-BN coalition government be overly eager to appease a global economic power like China to the detriment of our autonomy? What are the long-term repercussions of caving into Beijing's demands?

Muhyiddin makes a valid point when he says Malaysia must vigorously defend its sovereignty and national security to protect its traditional claims and rights.

He added that discussions about co-occurring claims must follow the Asean Consensus and the South China Sea Code of Conduct.

These are the questions that prime minister supporters must consider when considering the country's future under his leadership.

The people have the right to a government that defends its territorial rights and maintains national sovereignty. People must unite in these uncertain times and demand answers from the Harapan-BN coalition government.

Malaysia can only steer the complex waters of the South China Sea dispute by engaging in open dialogue and remaining committed to national sovereignty.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.