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Inevitable for Malaysiakini to incur ire of rich, powerful

I refer to the malaysiakini report Sarawak CM Taib to sue Malaysiakini .

For far too long, the majority of we poor, helpless, citizens have been watching our rights being eroded. On top of that, the rich and well-connected are getting richer by the day and getting things done according to their whim and fancy.

The mainstream media would not venture to expose their wrongdoings lest their publishing licences are withdrawn. The ordinary folk can only wriggle like a worm in protest. As usual, their protests or complaints would fall on deaf ears.

Malaysiakini is one among the media that really voices the grievances of the poor that otherwise will not get across to the powers-that-be.

In the course of doing this, malaysiakini - inevitably - will incur the ire of the targeted persons. Thus, it is threatened with lawsuits and so forth.

In the face of the impending lawsuit, Steven Gan said this, "Over the past seven years, we have published numerous reports on corruption. Malaysiakini is not in the business of apologising every time we report on such scandals. As journalists, we have a duty to report on such matters, which are of public interest."

I am very impressed by this statement, particularly the last sentence which shows that malaysiakini is watching over the wrongdoings of the authorities on behalf of the poor public.

By extension, I wish to add that the fight against corruption is not solely malaysiakini's fight, but also a fight of the greater mass of the public.

As such, I would like to appeal to the public to rally behind Gan and malaysiakini by means of small token of donation (for legal fees) if permitted.