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LETTER | State polls will decide Malaysians’ fate

LETTER | The coming six state elections will be the most watched and closely monitored event.

Concerned citizens of the seven other states (plus three federal territories) and investors will have their thumbs on the pulse of the nation, counting on a desirous outcome.

If Malaysia is to avoid setting the clock of progress backwards, it must give the current government under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim victory.

If the electorate in the six states chooses otherwise, the nation will be embroiled in another power struggle that will take the wind out of the sail of national cohesion, reducing investors’ confidence.

In a geopolitical climate clouded with economic uncertainties, environmental challenges and political clamouring which are all building up unprecedented social instabilities, Malaysia desperately needs a strong, able government.

To date, in such a short span, the unity government cobbled together by Anwar has already won the admiration and confidence of foreign powers and continues to beacon growing foreign direct investments.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim

Will Malaysians in the six states recognise the strength and ability of the unity government and do their fair share for nation-building with political maturity and true democracy at heart?

Or will the naive fall victim to the jaguh kampung politicians, working hand in glove with desperate politicians plotting to destabilise Anwar's reformist government?

With all the power of social media that has penetrated every nook and corner of even the most remote parts of the country, there is no excuse for voters not to know what the future holds if the current government is not given its full leash of a five-year term to rebuild the nation.

These voters would have witnessed and appreciated the corrections being implemented by the unity government to tackle corruption that has robbed Malaysians these past 40 years.

The six state elections, come June or July, will seal the destiny of this beloved nation that has lost precious time, wasted unreclaimable resources and made the nation sink into debt.

Let us demonstrate our will and desire as true patriots and do what it takes to rebuild our nation for the better.

The Council of Rulers have given their fair share of support to the government in the name of national stability.

Now, voters of the six states have to do their part.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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