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I refer to the letters - Jeffrey's cogent and persuasive " Maybank's fatuous argument ", JTB's defeatist attitude in " What's the use of the Maybank boycott? ", and P Dev Anand Pillai's mousey " Banks must be more socially obligated ", and have only this concluding opinion to say - BOYCOTT Maybank.

This is no longer an issue of bread and butter but one of human dignity.

If the nexus of Malay business and party politics - read Umno - is unable to work in the non- racial interest of the general public, let the market punish Maybank the way the New Straits Times was punished.

As far as I am concerned, Maybank is a bank exercising all the symptoms of bad management especially in the form of financial spillage as perpetrated ala the crooked brokers on Wall Street.

Why do we need such a bank? Let it fail. I will shed no tears.