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LETTER | Ban political rallies around places of worship

LETTER | The “Save Malaysia” rally organised by the opposition parties and several NGOs, is said would take place at or around the Kampung Baru mosque in Kuala Lumpur, tomorrow (Sept 16).

And it is being convened to coincide with the Zohor prayers.

Obviously, there appears to be a wilful attempt to capitalise (if not exploit) race and religious sentiments.

Why hold a rally originating at a place that is historically and significantly deemed a Malay heartland? And why kickstart the political rally around the mosque’s vicinity?

And, of course, why set the timing of the rally to coincide with Zohor prayers?

These three elements deem the rally as highly toxic and a potentially explosive brew for disharmony - risking peace, unity and security.

While democracy permits peaceful assembly to voice concerns, to strategically manipulate this freedom along a racial and religious strategy must not only be condemned but stopped affirmatively by our government and the police.

Quick and decisive action by the authorities will send a chilling message to everyone that the freedom to peaceful assemblies must come without twisted, dangerous and dubious or diabolic plots.

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