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LETTER | Public services for senior citizens, the disabled deserve attention

LETTER | As the governments (past and present) aimed at improving public services like transport, senior citizens and the disabled continue to get sidelined.

Take the train services (Komuter, LRT, MRT, monorails) for example. You would be lucky to find a ticketing counter open for senior citizens and the disabled.

They, instead, have to fall in line with long queues of younger and able-bodied commuters.

Some service sectors do put up small notices indicating the special lanes for seniors and the disabled but such notices are often placed inconspicuously.

One would only find out after several minutes of queuing that seniors don't have to queue.

Often, you will find staff manning service counters do not know how to be extra courteous and polite in attending to seniors.

Our culture - irrespective of whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian (or “others”), has always upheld this code of respect for the elderly. What has happened to this societal strength?

It is high time the government of the day that proclaims the Madani principles as the bedrock of our nation's future, looks into this failing of catering for senior citizens and the disabled.

Likewise, private sector business operators - whether they are in the food, transport, banking or any other service sector - must be compelled to pay serious attention to this segment of society.

Marketing, publicity, promotions and profitability alone don't make up “best business” practices.

The media should conduct regular and periodic scoops and report on the service quality enjoyed or suffered by seniors and the disabled.

Shame those (including the civil servants) who fail repeatedly in our national efforts to make Malaysia Madani a success story.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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