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LETTER | 'Sorry' seems to be the hardest word for Siti Mastura

LETTER | Many have commented on Siti Mastura Muhammad’s faux pas. The Kepala Batas MP’s allegations were considered wild, racial, and even as an “entertaining” joke.

However, these allegations are disconcerting and - quite frankly - Malaysians in general must pay more attention to their implications.

First, did Siti Mastura make those allegations believing them to be true? Is there a possibility that she herself is a victim of disinformation and treacherous narratives perpetrated within the party’s establishment?

On the other hand, did she deliberately make those allegations knowing them to be false, meaning she is not a victim but one of the operatives assigned to spread misinformation and hatred?

Either way, this is not good news for Malaysia.

The first scenario indicated that the propaganda programmes were so intricately entrenched that even young MPs have been unwittingly influenced and indoctrinated.

Judging from the demeanour of her speech, she seemed unsure as if she had just gathered the information a little while earlier.

The second scenario is even worse. It showed that manufacturing and disseminating fake news and disinformation have become the in-thing.

Even MPs, whom many Malaysians consider them as leaders, are indulging in the spreading of fake news without the blink of an eye.

So far, Siti Mastura has said nothing in response to the numerous criticisms levelled against her. 

Is this another disturbing sign? Is she saying that her allegations are true and she would prefer to answer everything in court? Alternatively, is she being defiant - not wanting to admit her mistake?

So far, it is telling to note that the top leaders within her party are also keeping very quiet on this issue. Again, this can be interpreted in different ways.

Is the leadership subtlety supporting her defiance? They do not mind sacrificing an MP so long as the party is seen fighting tenaciously to preserve its false narratives.

Saying sorry is still a difficult task, even though sometimes we say it without sincerity. 

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