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I have read many letters here from people who are for universal justice and values and have also read comments from people like Mahdar Tahir . And throughout my 30-year experience as a Malaysian non-Muslim, I can only come to this conclusion.

While many non-Muslims would like to believe that the majority of the Muslims in Malaysia want human rights as understood by the UN, in reality this is not true. In fact, people like Dr Syed Alwi Ahmad, Farish A Noor , Malik Imtiaz Sarwar and NGOs like Sisters-in-Islam are actually fringe elements and have been labeled at one time or another by their brethren as un-Islamic. Having had contact with Malay Muslims all my life, let me sum up what Muslims want.

Muslims want a perfect Islamic country, where all the tenets of the Quran are abided by. At present in Malaysia, this is only partly in practice. But as time goes by, Malaysian law and society will be moving towards full Syariah compliance, and nobody can stop this - this is fact.

Why such defeatist undertones from me? Because I know that the grassroots Malay Muslims want this, and nothing else matters to them. Human rights, women's rights, equal rights, all these do not matter to them. Every word in the Quran must be abided by, that's all that matters.

Muslims here are eager and sincere in wanting to prove to the whole world that full Quranic compliance will cure the ills of the world, and they have that 'Just wait, we will prove it to you' mindset. 'Surahs' that are not implemented at the moment like Surah 9 : 29 which in essence means 'Make the non-Muslims pay jizya tax with humility to the Islamic authorities' will be enforced.

Like what Mahdar Tahir said, 'non-Muslims are dhimmis'. He is right, we are partly 'dhimmis' now and in the future we will be full fledged 'dhimmis'. 'Dhimmis' have limited rights, especially pertaining to their religions. How hard is it to get permits to build churches and temples now?

The very reasoning that Booi Kheng uses to call on the silent Muslim majority to speak up against this injustice is null and void. The silent Muslim majority is backing the vocal Muslim groups and, yes they do agree with groups like Pembela and Badai.

There seems to be a message behind this, and it is, 'If you don't want to be 'dhimmis', then you must revert to Islam, truth stands out from error, we have proven to you many times that Islam is the true religion, why do you not revert?'

So what can we concerned non-Muslims and secularists do? Run roadshows like the Article 11 group? Look what happened, as soon as Muslim groups like Badai made threats, we backed off. Can this go anywhere?

There are only two choices left for us. The first is to accept being a 'dhimmi'. The second is migrate. There is no third option of trying to change the Muslim majority mindset, because there is no free speech allowed. As for me, I am with Eddie Wong . I am at the moment trying to get a US green card by the end of 2008. If this fails, then I am forever doomed to be a 'dhimmi', then, I would just have to accept my fate.