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I refer to the letter Why bring in the Americans and Jews?

Just as Khairy Jamaluddin was calling Anwar Ibrahim a traitor to the Malays and a stooge and puppet of the Americans and Jews, the former deputy prime minister was having a private dinner with the newly re-elected prime minister and deputy prime minister of Turkey (a Muslim country) in their private homes in Istanbul.

He had also just flown from Jakarta after a meeting with top leaders of Indonesia (also a Muslim country). The legendary Nelson Mandela, during his visit to Malaysia, requested a tea meeting at Carcosa Sri Negara, with Anwar and his family. It seems that leaders from all over the world honour and respect Anwar Ibrahim as a statesman but Umno Youth wishes to see him as a lover of the Jews and a stooge of America.

Anwar Ibrahim relates to the ordinary Malaysian in the Malay 'kampungs', the Chinese villages and the Indian estates and yet is able to hold a presence with kings and diplomats from all over the world.

He speaks against injustice and fights for the poor and marginalised irregardless of race or religion. If this man is not the prime minister for Malaysia then who is? Anwar Ibrahim's resume beats any of those in government today. He is a man not without flaws but at least he is tested and proven and the best man to lift Malaysia back to its former glory.

I suggest that if Khairy's desire is only to rouse up the audience and get a standing ovation then he should find a better subject and cause to speak about. This 'young chiku' has not even stood for a single election nationally. If not for his father-in-law, where would he be today?

Sad, isn't it, that someone can think so highly of himself when in reality there is little to show for.