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LETTER | PN’s win in Sg Bakap signals people want reforms

LETTER | In the charged atmosphere of a by-election filled with accusations and criticisms, Perikatan Nasional has showcased its political precision through the resounding victory of Abidin Ismail in Sungai Bakap.

This victory represents more than just numerical success; it is a manifestation of the people's urgent call for changes in the economic and social management of the country.

A predominant issue in discussions from local coffee shops to boardrooms has been the burdensome diesel subsidy rationalisation.

Small business owners, particularly from the Chinese community who dominate the transportation, manufacturing and service sectors have been severely impacted by the added operational costs that erode their profits.

Every sen increase in diesel prices is not merely a figure on paper but a real challenge for those dependent on daily operations that require significant fuel use.

This has led to a profound wave of disappointment among entrepreneurs, who now view PN as a new hope for having their voices heard and valued.

People are fed up

Furthermore, the cynical and derogatory comments from some leaders of Pakatan Harapan and BN towards the populace have intensified feelings of disdain and revulsion among voters.

This is not just about the economy - it is also about dignity and respect.

Through every challenge, PN is committed to building an inclusive Malaysia where every voice is valued and every contribution recognised.

This victory is a win for all, a symbol of the people's strength and their desire for change.

Writer is the Federal Territories Perikatan Nasional state secretary

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