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Judicial blasphemy of the highest order

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Video links CJ to 'judicial fixing' scandal .

Now that the Lingam tape has confronted us, I am actually shocked by the revelation that a large proportion of the upper echelon of judges are appointed at the recommendations of a selected few, including VK Lingam - a lawyer and member of the Malaysian Bar.

It is unbelievable how he is able to manipulate those people in high places. You can almost call him a 'king-maker'.

This scandal in the judiciary cannot be swept under the carpet but if this is left to the present Barisan Nasional government, nothing will be done. The Bar Council and our Malay Rulers are the last bastions to save Malaysia.

Forget filing any application in court to impeach or remove the judges. Who is going to hear your application? The Chief Justice? I think it is high time that the Bar Council call for an Extraordinary General Meeting to deal with this matter, and if need be, they need to petition the Council of Malay Rulers to intervene.

I am sure all the lawyers in the country are devastated by the revelations of the Lingam tape, Lingam being the only exception. In his parting words to the CJ, he said: 'God bless you and your family'. That is blasphemy of the highest order and for what they did in 'raping' the judiciary.

God bless Malaysia and God bless Anwar Ibrahim for exposing this scandal.