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The Burmese generals closest buddies

I agree with Devi's letter, Asean is abetting crimes against humanity .

It is shocking that we live in an apathetic world. One Asean country, Singapore, is actually Burma's second biggest trading partner after China. Despite the fact that Singapore recently fined a forwarding company which sold missile parts to Iran, the government has shown no remorse for its own dealings with the Burma junta.

The European Union has imposed an arms embargo on Burma which is being flaunted by many countries around the world. India has said that it will proceed with its multi-billion dollar sale of Advanced Light Helicopters (ALHs) to Burma despite objections from the European Union. India also sells surveillance aircraft, T-55 tanks and 105mm artillery pieces to Burma.

The state-run Gas Authority of India Limited in partnership with Singaporean company Silver Wave Energy signed a deal with Burma in 2006 to explore natural gas in the Shwe oil fields off the coast of Burma's Arakan state. Annual exports of Indian textile to Burma exceed more that US$1 billion. India also conducts joint counter-insurgency operations and military training with the Burma junta which is responsible for gross human rights violations against its own people.

Russia, Serbia and the Ukraine also sell weapons to Burma. The Ukrainian state arms company UkrpetsExport has signed a multi-million dollar contract to supply 1,000 armoured personnel carriers to Burma.

China sells jet fighters to Burma. Meanwhile, Israel sells to Burma the high-tech accessories for these Chinese-made jet fighters such as air-to-air radar systems, short-range AAMs (air-to-air missiles) and laser-guided bombs. Pakistan also has its finger in the pie as it sells Burma with ammunitions for its field guns.

Despite the imposition of sanctions and an arms embargo by the international community against the Burma junta, there seems to be many unethical governments willing to do business with Burma.

I am saddened by the hypocrisy of humankind. The Burma government has rounded up hundreds perhaps thousands of peaceful demonstrators especially monks and only God knows what kind of mistreatment or torture they are facing while the world in general is only interested in making profits.