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Govt in a fix over judiciary fix-it scandal

I refer to the Malaysiakini report, Give us full video or face arrest, Anwar told .

Initially it was two senior PKR members who were threaten with jail term if they failed to hand over the original infamous Lingam tape to the Anti-Corruption Agency. Now the stake has been raised where the party defacto leader, Anwar Ibrahim, will face the same fate if he failed to deliver the same to the agency.

Why should they suffer jail terms rather than the two gentlemen who have scandalised the judiciary with their antics. In the 80s, there was a infamous sex tape between a promising MIC top brass and a woman which cannot be brought to court as the attorney-general ordered the original tape to be destroyed. After all, copies of the original tape cannot stand up in court. One wonders if the Lingam tape will suffer the same fate.

The government seems to be in a dilemma on how to solve this crisis which has besmirched the image of our judiciary. If they accede to public pressure to have a royal commission, one would suspect a lot of dirt among the top judges will be exposed.

The three-member panel with their limited power to investigate the tape does not have the clout to summon witnesses to testify. It's been nearly a month now and yet, the panel seems to be at a lost on how to carry out its task.

The present chief justice has done much damage to the judiciary by remaining silent in this matter of great interest to the public. People perception, whether true or false, will think that our judiciary is corrupt to the core and only compliant and incompetence judges are in the apex court, and they are there not based on merit but on a know-who basis.

Even if the chief justice leaves the service by the end of the month, he will leave a legacy of poor leadership during his tenure. He had promoted judges who are compliant and not based on merit while those judges who follow the law judiciously and work without fear and favour are being sidelined.

One would think that the present chief justice has destroyed public faith in seeking justice in court due to his incompetent leadership. That is what happen when judges are promoted to the top not based on sound judgments but were 'brokered by a third party".