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SPECIAL REPORT: The Lingam tape
Published:  Sep 24, 2007 2:26 PM
Updated: Jul 14, 2009 8:01 AM

The grainy eight-minute video footage was taken in 2002 at senior lawyer VK Lingam's Kelana Jaya house. At that time, Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah was chief justice.

Appointed in 2000, he was seen as a fresh break from his two previous predecessors - Mohd Eusoff Chin (1994-2000) and Abdul Hamid Omar (1988-1994).

Dzaiddin was to retire in 2003, and the video showed Lingam expressing concerned that the outgoing CJ was moving his 'men' into top judiciary posts.

The conversation revolved around the urgent need to get Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, then chief judge of Malaya - the judiciary's No 3 - appointed as Court of Appeal president (No 2) and then chief justice (No 1).

There was also the plan to get former attorney-general Mokhtar Abdullah, who was then a Federal Court judge, to replace Ahmad Fairuz as No 3.

To do that, Lingam had roped in tycoon Vincent Tan, a close crony of then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, a key minister in PM's Department.

They were to talk to Mahathir on the appointment of judges.


Ahmad Fairuz was appointed Court of Appeal president in December 2002 - months after the telephone conversation.

Dzaiddin stepped down as CJ in 2003 and he was replaced by Ahmad Fairuz.

Mokhtar, however, could not take the No 3 post as he was in coma after suffering from a fall in August 2002.

He died in 2003. Ahmad Fairuz' term as CJ will end in October 2007.

On Sept 19, Malaysiakini broke the story on the Lingam tape with the following report:

  • Watch the 8-minute video here (Part 1)
  • Transcript of Part 1
  • Watch Part 2 of Lingam tape l 30 secs
  • Transcript of Part 2
  • Watch Part 3 of Lingam tape l 6 mins
  • Transcript - Part 3
  • Fact-finding into Lingam tape
  • Who is VK Lingam?
  • Interview with Lingam's brother

    Brother vs Brother

    The 'mad' patient who wasn't

    It's my duty to expose the rot

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    Malaysiakini Newsmaker of 2007

    And the newsmaker of 2007 is...

    Below are our reports as the scandal unfolds (beginning with the latest):

    May 20

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    Feb 15 - Final day, Day 17

    Recusal applications rejected

    Ex-driver: Lingam rude and aggressive

    Feb 13 - Day 16

    Lingam inquiry adjourned to Friday

    ACA goes down the drain

    Feb 12 - Day 15

    Explosive revelations against Lingam

    Ex-CJ wants commissioner disqualified

    Feb 5 - Day 14

    'Close relatives' Haidar-Fairuz under spotlight

    Feb 4 - Day 13

    Lingam tape: More judges implicated

    'I am 110 percent not mad'

    Thirunama: I warned Lingam to be careful

    Admissible parts of his witness statement

    Two more witnesses for Lingam inquiry

    Jan 31

    Rajendram: My brother is of sound mind

    Jan 30 - Day 12

    Part 3 of clip rejected as evidence

    ACA officer rapped for sloppy work

    Jan 29 - Day 11

    Dzaiddin: I dislike Eusoff

    Lazar: Lingam out to discredit me

    Evasive Ahmad Fairuz grilled at inquiry

    'Unseen hand' manipulating inquiry

    Jan 28 - Day 10

    Lingam video - another sequel

    Eusoff: It's a very big lie

    Ahmad Fairuz: Lingam tape a 'slander'

    Lingam stuns court with allegation

    Jan 25 - Day 9

    Day 9: Closed-door hearing

    Lingam challenges clip authenticity

    Jan 24 - Day 8

    Lingam: I was 'bullshitting and bragging'

    Q&A: 'I didn't say it was not me'

    Tape scandal: Holiday evidence relevant

    Q&A: It was all a coincidence

    PHOTO GALLERY: Their NZ holiday

    Jan 23

    Look who's 'talking rubbish' now

    Jan 22 - Day 7

    Royal commission put 'on trial'

    Jan 21 - Day 6

    Star witness: It wasn't Ahmad Fairuz

    Q&A: 'It looks like me, it sounds like me'

    Lingam wants NZ holiday details expunged

    Video-maker confirms recording clip

    Jan 19

    Dr M & Eusoff: Competing in selective amnesia?

    Jan 18 - Day 5

    Ties with Lingam not 'extremely' close

    Chances 'slim' for Lingam's brother to testify

    Dr M's 'selective memory' mocked

    Jan 17 - Day 4

    Dr M: I don't have to explain why

    Adnan: Lingam either mad or drunk

    Mahathir says Lingam is a new buddy

    Lingam tape: Dr M takes the stand

    Anwar offers two 'secret' witnesses

    Jan 16 - Day 3

    Letters on judges grab spotlight

    ACA: Lingam forgot phone numbers

    Mahathir's testimony put off to tomorrow

    Jan 15 - Day 2

    Digital expert: Lingam tape authentic

    Loh: My son will testify

    Mahathir to be quizzed tomorrow

    Royal panel grills ACA officer over omission

    Jan 14 - Day 1

    Inquiry kicks off with conflict of interest claims

    ACA: It's Lingam's living room

    Lingam tape inquiry begins today

    Jan 8

    Lingam tape: Call these witnesses, royal panel told

    Jan 3

    Lingam tape: Royal panel to call 16

    Dec 29

    Internet help bring Lingam tape scandal to surface

    Dec 22

    ACA calls on Dr M over judiciary scandal

    Dec 18

    Royal panel 'won't discuss' 1988 judicial crisis

    Dec 17

    Royal commission motion shot down

    Dec 14

    Anwar reveals full video, says he has more evidence

    Dec 13

    Lingam tape royal panel: Lawyers not pleased

    Dec 12

    Haidar to head royal panel on Lingam tape

    Royal commission 'a great letdown'

    Dec 6

    Lingam tape: Gov't awaits royal nod for commission members

    Dec 3

    Hakam: Seek international help for royal commission

    Nov 23

    It's Lingam in video clip, claims brother

    Nov 22

    Judges, back us on judicial reform

    Wee: ACA never cleared Lingam

    Nov 21

    Lingam gives evidence on brother's insanity

    Embattled lawyer quizzed by ACA

    Pressure mounts on gov't over royal commission

    Nov 20

    Lingam's brother: I am not mad!

    Kit Siang's dream-team for royal commission

    Nov 19

    Lingam: I'll cooperate with royal commission

    My brother not of sound mind: Lingam

    Royal commission must 'go beyond Lingam tape'

    Nov 18

    More allegations of judicial graft emerge

    Empower royal panel with 'widest terms of reference'

    Nov 17

    Govt must 're-interfere' to repair damage

    Anwar ready to release full video soon

    Nov 16

    PM announces royal commission

    Nov 15

    Panel wants royal commission on Lingam tape

    'Consult Anwar, Bar Council on royal commission'

    Kit Siang: Why another three-member panel?

    Nov 14

    Lingam tape: Cabinet yet to decide, says Nazri

    Nov 8

    Anwar reveals more footage of Lingam tape

    Nov 6

    Video part II: It was Fairuz, says Kit Siang

    Inquiry panel hands over reports

    Nov 5

    Panel to submit 'individual' reports

    Nov 3

    Fairuz gone, but crisis remains

    Nov 2

    Lawyers' ayes to non-extension of Fairuz' term

    Nov 1

    Abdul Hamid named acting chief justice

    Oct 31

    Be ready to boycott judiciary, lawyers told

    Oct 30

    PM rebukes lawyers over protest

    Bar unfazed by PM's comments

    Nazri grilled over Lingam tape

    Oct 29

    Lingam tape: Probe ends, wait begins for outcome

    Protesters hand over memo to panel

    Oct 27

    'Video probe complete, authenticity questionable'

    Lingam tape to be 'hot topic' in law confab

    Oct 26

    Anwar challenges ACA notice in court

    ACA: He should come to our office

    PKR Youth to King: Don't give in

    Palace accepts petition with 5,036 signatures

    Suaram slams Speaker over urgent motion

    Oct 25

    ACA no show, Anwar makes U-turn

    Zaid: Be serious, form royal commission

    House speaker throws out Lingam tape motion

    CJ, Tengku Adnan quizzed by ACA

    Lingam tape: Anwar, don't blink

    Oct 24

    Nov 22 - Bar Council's EGM is on

    Anwar's answer: No way, ACA!

    Judicial petition to be sent to king tomorrow

    Online petition 'sends clear message' to gov't

    It's clear - no Witness Protection Bill tabled

    Oct 23

    Police return empty-handed from Bar

    Lingam tape: Speaker bends rules for PKR motion

    ACA repeats demand for original recording

    Oct 22

    Give us full video or face arrest, Anwar told

    Lawyers press on for a royal commission

    'Gov't lost the plot on Lingam tape'

    Oct 20

    ACA chief: Video clip is inadmissible evidence

    Lim: CJ using Nazri as tool to mislead Parliament

    Oct 19

    Wee to Suhakam: Probe conduct of quartet

    Why are we still mulling an extension for CJ?

    Whistleblower is in Lingam tape II

    Oct 18

    A two-month extension for Ahmad Fairuz?

    Reject CJ's bid for extension

    Whistleblower is in Lingam tape II

    Oct 17

    Panel under fire for postponing meeting

    UN pressure sought over judicial rot

    Oct 16

    We, too, believe the tape is genuine

    Oct 15

    Stay focused on restoring judiciary, Nazri told

    Oct 12

    Nazri: They're all crazy lawyers

    Q&A: I can't interfere, I am the executive

    Oct 11

    Deadline ends - PKR duo to protect source

    Ex-ACA whistleblower: Go after Lingam

    Oct 10

    Whistleblowers out in the cold

    Deadline for PKR duo expires tomorrow

    All quiet on ACA front

    Oct 9

    Nazri admits error, blames press officer

    Oct 8

    Mr Nazri, what witness protection bill?

    Sivarasa: You're wrong, minister

    Tempting whistleblower with plastic surgery

    Oct 7

    Klip video: K'jaan akan siasat secara menyeluruh, kata PM

    Oct 6

    Gerakan tells gov't: Consider royal commission

    Lawyer Lingam, tycoon Tan quizzed by ACA

    Target those in the video, not whistleblowers

    Oct 5

    ACA officials visit Anwar's office

    Whistleblowers 'trade off' for royal commission

    ACA sniffing along the wrong trail

    If Lingam was the source, will he be probed?

    Oct 4

    Lingam tape: Name source or face jail

    Will Tengku Adnan step up?

    Fact-finding into Lingam tape

    Yet another reason why Haidar should quit

    Oct 3

    Haidar: We have no power

    Q&A: Don't throw stones at us

    Lingam tape: Protest at panel's first meeting

    ACA to quiz Anwar on Friday

    ACA bosses tightlipped on Lingam

    Will the Haidar inquiry be a sham?

    Perhaps Nazri should go back to law school

    Oct 2

    Anwar's aide: Two whistleblowers involved

    Who is VK Lingam?

    O Lingam, where art thou?

    Royal commission or no-confidence motion

    Oct 1

    'If I don't accept, I'll be sacked'

    Former MP to file for judicial review

    Bar: It's about justice, not politics

    Anwar: Stopped from stemming judicial rot

    No pressing need for royal commission: Khairy

    Sept 29

    CJ's name mentioned in Lingam tape Pt 2

    Sept 28

    Is the tape authentic? That's the panel's ONLY job

    Video clip: Bar EGM put off

    Judiciary scandal: PKR wants king to step in

    Youth wings: Save our judiciary

    Sept 27

    Haidar's appointment to panel objected

    Media directed to downplay march for justice

    'What crisis? I don't see any'

    Nazri's 'no crisis' claims refuted

    PKR to ACA: Check Lingam's phone records

    Sept 26

    Long walk for justice for 2,000 lawyers

    Protesters barred from entering Putrajaya

    Bar United in their demand

    Ambiga: We'll give inquiry panel a chance

    Sept 25

    Independent panel to probe Lingam tape

    'It's unacceptable, we want royal commission'

    Tengku Adnan: I'm no judicial fixer

    Shahrir: Judicial hangover from 1988 crisis

    Q&A: 'No strong reasons to sack Salleh'

    Sept 24

    Nazri: Because I'm his minister

    Minister's claim full of holes

    Sept 23

    CJ denied talking to Lingam: Nazri

    Sept 22

    Bar Council to press for royal commission

    TI: Video clip cries out for explanations

    Sept 21

    PM: No need for royal commission

    A two-para 'No comment' from Ahmad Fairuz

    Kit Siang: It's Fairuz at the other end

    Named lawyers clueless over Lingam tape

    Lingam tape: Shame, shame, shame

    Najib: Gov't to verify authenticity of clip

    Boycott the Chief Justice, lawyers urged

    Poison-pen letter against CJ finally surfaces

    Sept 20

    Clamour for CJ to step down

    Review all cases involving 'friendly' judges

    Mainstream papers play down expose

    Pita Lingam: PKR buat laporan kepada BPR

    Unite to tackle judicial rot, youth groups told

    Sept 19

    Bar Council 'appalled', calls emergency meeting

    Anwar's name brought up by Lingam


    The Lingam tape: Anwar's press conference l 7 min

    The day after: Clamour for CJ to step down l 3 min

    Tunku Abdul Aziz, Param on the Lingam tape l 3 min

    The Lingam tape: Clamour for CJ to step down l 3 min

    Shahrir: Judicial hangover from 1988 crisis l 8 min

    Bar United in demand for justice l 7 min

    Bus ride to justice l 7 min

    Police cause longer walk for lawyers l 7 min

    A soaked Azmi Sharom is jubilant with turnout l 4 min

    What's the evidential authenticity of the VK Lingam video? l 2 min

    PKR asks King for royal commission l 2 min

    Youth wings call for independent inquiry l 2 min

    Lingam tape: Protest at panel's first meeting l 7 min

    Mahadev Shankar: The power of the powerless l 9 min

    Lingam tape: Name source or face jail l 3 min

    Will Tengku Adnan step up? l 1 min

    Gerakan tells gov't: Consider royal commission l 9 min

    Nazri Aziz: There's no judicial crisis l 6 min

    Anwar Ibrahim ordered to hand in full Lingam clip l 4 min

    Cops fail to obtain statements from Bar Council l 3 min

    Deadline ends: ACA officers no show l 4 min

    The walk is over, now it's time to talk l 4 min

    PKR Youth to King: Don't give in l 3 min

    Panel to submit 'individual' reports l 1 min

    Anwar reveals more footage of Lingam tape l 5 min

    Police report on VK Lingam by estranged brother l 9 min

    Salleh Abas: Gov't has a duty to repair damage l 36 min

    Lingam gives evidence on brother's insanity l 9 min


    Long walk for justice


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    Lincoln's Inn jacket does not the man make l JBT

    Let's do an Osama on Lingam tape l Peter Ooi

    Nazri, don't hide behind secretary's skirt l P Ramakrishnan

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    Open letter to CJ Ahmad Fairuz l Lim Kit Siang

    ACA a tool of the government l Truly Malaysian

    ACA, copies are as good as the originals l Digitalized Man

    Even Parliament refuses to debate Lingam tape l Peter Ooi

    Ahmad Fairuz, do us a favour, go quietly l P Ramakrishnan

    Nazri, which planet do you live on? l Sarita Sharma

    Nazri, Pak Lah in state of denial l SF Lim

    What if the tape is about a bomb plot? l Peter Ooi

    What if Eusoff, Hamid sit on royal commission? l Jeffery


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