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I think it is a great call by Bersih for all patriotic Malaysians to show our love and support to the King, country and the true values of democracy, freedom and justice by wearing yellow every Saturday .

I sometimes work in Thailand and I find it inspiring how the people wear specific colours on specific days to show their love for the King. Every Tuesday, people wear yellow, so why not Malaysians do likewise every Saturday?

I would also like to suggest something unique which I am surprised no one has thought of before. Obviously, in the case of last Saturday, there were many cars on the road and people traveling all around the country because of the holidays. Why should all these motorists be left out of showing their support?

I suggest that all Malaysian motorists who believe in the struggles of Bersih and all true Malaysian patriots switch on their car lights (but not flashing headlights) when on the road during the day. There is no law against it and it will not cost a single sen.

It is the easiest way to get the message across to the masses that there is a lot of support out there for what Bersih and true patriots of our beloved nation are doing. This should be done every day and not just on a specific day only.

Having recently celebrated the Festival of Lights, it will be so much more meaningful to start this movement during this auspicious time. Bersih can make this the greatest Deepavali festive period ever by letting Malaysians see that the lights shall pave the way, literally, for all of us.

Can you imagine seeing thousands of cars on the road every day with their lights on. It will certainly trigger a positive response, as the people realise that they are all united in demanding for an ideal Malaysia, a demand that the Barisan Nasional government and especially Umno has chosen to ignore for too long.

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