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Photo-tearing: Listen to Bersih first, Pak Lah

Peter Ooi  |  Published:  |  Modified:

I refer to Malaysiakini report Tearing up Rashid's photo: PM mulls action .

Pak Lah must be out of his mind if he contemplates taking action against those tearing up EC Commission Chairperson Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahmans photographs. Yes, tearing up Rashid's photo is as a sign of disrespect for him but I doubt it is an offence, unlike tearing up the photographs of our beloved rulers.

Similarly when some youths presented Pak Lah with bolster and pillow , it has the same message but it is not an offence.

Rather than trying to find ways and means to penalise them, Pak Lah instead should find the causes of their deeds.

On the surface, I gather that such actions would not have taken place if Pak Lah really has big ears for the rakyat . Many such protests could have been avoided if the PM really meant what he said.

Starting with the Lingam tape scandal, when the lawyers requested for a royal inquiry, the executive just kept on giving excuses. Finally when no firm action was seen coming, a protest march was staged. To make matters worse, the chief justice, he who was involved in the scandal, had his term almost extended had the Malay Rulers not intervened.

Pak Lah, they have cried loud and clear, you chose not to listen. The voices of thousands meant nothing to you and like children spurned, they would resort to protest, in this case peaceful ones.

Pak Lah defended Rashid's record of conducting a fair election. This is the PM's perception. But the public thinks otherwise. To dispel the public's negative perception on Rashid, Pak Lah should in the first place lend his big ears to those Bersih members.

Discuss frankly what really needs to be done. Since Rashid is the bone of their contention, why should the authority be so adamant in extending his service? I am sure we are not so short of talent to the extent that the retiring Election Commission chief and the chief justice are irreplaceable.

It goes beyond logic when the government voted in by the people refuses to listen to them. Would I not take it as the government being disrespectful towards the people?

Yes, Pak Lah. Life is a mirror of your actions. If you want people to be patient and respectful to you, show them first patience and respect.

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