Beware racial incitement by certain parties

Truly Malaysian

Modified 6 Mar 2008, 8:37 am

At the present momentum, people power not only would deny BN their two-thirds majority but may even defeat them outright! Nonetheless, beware of racial incitement by certain vested parties. These people will propel racial incitement to create the divisions between us Malaysians.

The media of the ruling administration is going to have a field day with racial incitement if there is any possibility that the opposition is heading towards victory. They will attempt to regurgitate another 1969. But today is not 1969, today is 2008 with only one race and that is Bangsa Malaysia which includes us irrespective of colour, creed, religion and race.

Prevention is better than cure. Empty your mind of 1969 as there is no 1969 for you and me. For the bulk of voters who are there, there should be no racial incitement issue but only the basic issue of good governance for the Malaysian society. No Malaysian with the right conscience and morality will harp on the race issue.

Malaysians needs to obtain information that is comprehensive and understandable and that conveys transparent facts and outcomes - not cosmetic images, stories and airy promises that create racial incitement.

We, Malaysians are the rightful masters of the country through people’s power. We are the ultimate guardians of our liberties at stake. Sadly, we are now driven by despair and hope for better governance.

The fear of the ruling administration is so obvious and that is why there will be some quarters that will eventually resort to racial incitement. What can we do about it We need to unshackle our minds individually for the collective of better governance.

The proactive mind in each one of us will transform to produce a Malaysian nation that is not based on race (as is the ploy of a chosen few). Understand your strength as an individual and what you can contribute to create a Bangsa Malaysia for all Malaysians. The people’s power will eventually prevail or any incitement,

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