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TMNet complaints? Tell MCMC

I refer to the letter In a fix over Streamyx.

It is such a coincidence as I also had a problem with Streamyx. Let me start off with trying to provide a simple solution to Ahmad Nadeem Gehla. Your solution will be very simple. What you need to do is download a complaints form at Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) website .

Look under Form 1 - Notification of Complaint. Fill in the details of your complaint, especially the report number you get from Streamyx’s customer service centre. If you don't have this, call them (TMNet) up, provide your username.

They can search it for you. Remember to include your contact details. Once you've completed the form, send it to both addresses below at the same time.

[email protected] and [email protected]

Although my problem of being disconnected is now only partially resolved, I find MCMC quite efficient and quite serious in handling complaints. Now, it seems, TMNet does have a specific department to deal with complaints made to MCMC.

You will be surprised at the excellent and fast response from TMNet. My problem, though, has not been resolved yet. I will be testing my connection speed again tonight and tomorrow morning.

If it is finally resolved, I will be demanding for my rebate. I do hope TMNet will also provide something extra to appease angry and frustrated customers. Don't let the whole brunt be borne by your call centers.

Now back to the issue of consumer rights awareness. I am sure many people know this. In the absence of competitors, you will find either the service/product is overpriced, or the quality is just foul. The losing party will always be the consumer.

This is why competition is key to ensure consumers get their money's worth. Not many Malaysian consumers are aware of their rights. It is always not an easy battlle but I've done it at least three times and won. I got my money's worth.

The complaining consumer must be persistent and follow through if there is a glimmer of hope. In the absence of hope, persist on until someone hears your voice (make sure it is a reasonable one).

I've had problems with very well-known phone brand, a camera brand and a computer brand, and even a company I used to work for (regarding my EPF contributions). I fought back with the following results:

1. Phone - I got a brand new phone again (minus the phone casing).

Argument: It's not my hobby and pastime to visit the company's repair centre in Pulau Tikus, Penang (opposite Midlands) on a regular basis

2. Camera - I saved RM500 when initially they did not want to honour my warranty (claiming I dropped my camera).

Argument: Provide a failure analysis report that said I didn’t drop it. There are no scratch marks on the camera body.

3. Computer - I got back a full refund due to ‘defect by design’ including shipping costs (which they had wanted me to pay)

Argument: Any defective product sold to a customer without liability warnings is still a defect, and is as such, cheating the customer.

4. Ex-company - I am more knowledgeable than the HR manager on EPF laws. They paid back what was rightfully mine.

Argument: Read the law. It helps if the HR manager doesn't want to end up in prison.

The more well known a company brand name is (in cases 1, 2, and 3) the easier your uphill battle will be . The trouble now is that only a small number of complainants actually pursue their grouses to the end.

So, the companies resolve these small, individual cases rather than entertaining the masses, which translates into more cost for the company involved. Would you believe there are budgets by customer service departments to ‘resolve quietly’ any small customer issues?

This would help satisfy the aggrieved customer, but not the rest who keep quiet or who do not know how to argue their case.

Anyway, to cut it short, I've had a dream for myself that if I ever become a multi-millionaire overnight, I would just quit my current job and become a consumer activist to promote consumer rights awareness in this Bolehland. Good luck, trying!