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Make change at the ballot box

James Chin  |  Published:  |  Modified:

I refer to the Malaysiakini report King and politics, ball is in the royal court.

I would like the writer to kindly explain to all us Malaysians who voted the BN into power why His Royal Highness should intervene. There was, in my opinion, no disorder in the country, post 916.

Prior to 916, I cannot remember anyone else other than the obvious people causing uncertainty. Yes, the writer can quote all kinds of instances and reasons where and why kings and queens intervene, but it won't change the fact that there is no crisis in Malaysia.

Do we really want His Royal Highness to go against his subjects, who he has reason to believe, voted and decided on March 8?

There are trouble makers in the country who claim they have the majority in Parliament and the current prime minister should hand over power, or call a special session in the August House to have a no-confidence motion taken against himself. On what basis should this be done?

Why must a claim by a trouble-maker that he has majority in Parliament warrant a special sitting? If I claim to have defectors, can I also call for a special sitting of Parliament? For how long can such games continue?

The solution to this problem is very simple. When parliament reconvenes on October 13, the so- called 31 defectors must switch their seats and sit in the opposition section, and then call for the vote of no-confidence.

The Speaker will see no reason to entertain them is they remain where they are. To be taken seriously, they must make a bold move. If not, they should keep silent so that we can continue with our lives.

So, all you so-called ‘freedom seekers’, and ‘change the government advocates’, please remember that the majority rules. No amount of noise and hoopla by the minority must be entertained.

Oh yes, not forgetting the noise by all the bloggers who claim to speak the truth. The rakyat will do well to remember that not all bloggers support the opposition. There are many BN bloggers who also speak the truth.

Just a little food for thought and amusement: when PKR members, like the Perak exco members who were caught for corruption, are nabbed for a misdeed, they claim they were framed, but if BN members get caught, no trial is needed, they are deemed guilty immediately. Even if these PKR members were enticed and trapped, they still volunteered to commit the act.

To avoid being trapped, you must be honest enough to say no, and report the matter to the police. But no, they fell into the trap and then have the nerve to shout bloody murder, claiming entrapment.

Is this the kind of justice we can all expect when Pakatan Rakyat takes over? My sincere suggestion to all Malaysians, BN supporters or otherwise, wait for the next election to make change. Until then, stop whining and get back to work.

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