Retrench the wayward politicians

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The new year has rolled in. The partying is behind us now. Meanwhile the harsh reality of a world in dire straits is yet to dawn upon all Malaysians who have been led to believe that the tide is far off from us.

Several countries of developed-world ranking status have already eaten humble pie by declaring that their respective nations are in recession.

As the rest of the world awaits in worrisome apprehension of the US sliding further, we are still busy with our politicking, mud-slinging, and self-denial of all sorts.

And the culprits misleading the nation of people are the ugly politicians.

It is time that such politicians were hauled up for doing injustice to the nation. It is time that they were told off in no uncertain terms that this is the season for them to do national service. Retrenching wayward politicians without compensation should be the number one agenda in preparing us for the hard road ahead.

Political national service would embrace several proactive and positive actions in words and deeds.

Foremost, the ruling government and its bandwagon of political parties must re-align their intentions. They must stop running down the opposition parties that were elected by the voters into power in several states.

Politicians must build bridges as they quickly pool resources to help Malaysia weather the economic challenges looming on planet Earth. It is not about what the other is not doing but what we can do to help the other do even better.

The onus is on the prime minister and the leadership then, to forge the mantra of unity in diversity and recognise that no single political party must place party politics and priorities above national and citizens' interest.

This is not the season about coming to power or clinging on to power at all costs. This is the time for all politicians to nurture and strengthen solidarity, goodwill and single mindedness as we work to barricade the nation of 26 million against the crushing economic and financial punishment that is looming on the horizon.

This is not the time to fight psy-wars and kill your opponents. On the contrary, politicians must galvanise strengths from all sides of the divide to save the nation.

Any politician who dares to even think that these trying economic times are the perfect opportunity to consolidate his or her power base at any cost is indeed a terrorist to this nation. For this is not the time for power and control but of sharing power to move forward.

Yes, the ugly, selfish politicians and their machinery will quickly dismiss this letter with ‘Who is this guy? What is he talking? What does he know about politics?’ Such individuals and parties must be retrenched from power.

They do not realise that the times are challenging and changing the politics of power and control to that of power for humanity.

Today, a nation that can quickly consolidate, collaborate, and share the good intentions of a transparent, clean politics will be able to fight the economic war and financial collapse and emerge a winner with less injury.

The prime minster of Malaysia has the burden to call the shots and set the example quickly as he countdowns on his resignation as the nation's leader. He must not be afraid to sack errant politicians to save the nation from the perils of this economic and financial avalanche that will not spare all nations in the final analysis.

Our nation and its people come first. That is the categorical imperative for leaders and those in power (government). Certainly our rulers will act in unison for speedier action.

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