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VoxPop: 'Did the judicial commissioner err?'
Published:  Mar 14, 2009 2:20 AM
Updated: 11:16 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘Did the judicial commissioner err in his ruling that Perak speaker V Sivakumar must only be represented by the state legal adviser?’

On Now, Perak speaker can have own lawyers

Baiyuenshen: I don't understand and have a lot of questions. Did a judicial commissioner err in a ruling that Perak speaker V Sivakumar must only be represented by the state legal adviser?

If yes, doesn’t this reflect incompetency or lapses in professional judgment or something else? How difficult is it to interpret the related law?

If it is simple enough, why not judge it as it is and not waste taxpayers’ money and create anxiety by having to go all the way to the appeals court and to have that decision overturned.

If every time a judge fails to make an appropriate understanding of the law and gets the appeals court to overturn the decision, then why do we need the high court anyway?

How does one get to be appointed as a judicial commissioner? How does one become a fully- fledged judge? Will erring judicial commissioners get to keep their jobs, get demoted, get a salary cut or what?

We have problems with our pathologists and now judges? What is happening?

On Six in court for insulting sultan, one fined RM10,000

Pakac Luteb: Physics is a set of beliefs and practices. In physics there are various schools of thought, the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, the Everett many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics etc

Some physicists think space has four dimensions, the three dimensions we experience and the one dimension of time. Other physicists think space has many dimensions, up to 10, with most of the dimensions being very small and thus hidden from our view.

Some physicists think the universe is ‘open’ and will go on expanding forever, some think it is ‘closed’ and will eventually collapse.

Physicists are in active disagreement with each other on the above competing points of view. Even though they disagree however, they don’t accuse each other of ‘insulting physics’.

Islam, as is any religion, is a set of beliefs and practices. There are various schools of thought in Islam, such as Sunni and Sufi. Islam or any other religion can’t be insulted any more than physics can be insulted.

So why do Muslims say those with alternate views ‘insult Islam’? Religion, of course, is different than physics, because physics is based on scientific foundations; but that in no way reduces the validity of the above argument.

Does anybody other than a sultan who was insulted have the locus standi to claim a sultan was insulted?

If Malaysia is a democracy, then isn't it the obligation and right of the rakyat to make known their views of the leadership, be they sultans or otherwise?

Lim Chong Leong:

It seems Umno can use all sorts of names like natang and get away with it but not bloggers.

More and more the police and the MACC and even the courts appear like they are Umno’s servants. Shame on them.

On Embattled rep to skip state assembly sitting

Dr Chan: Ms Wong, I cannot tell you how I feel for you during this difficult time you are going through.

From the open letters and on-line news reports, it is most certain that most right-thinking Malaysians share your grief and are solidly standing behind you to give you all the support you need to weather through this storm.

You were very right at your press conference to have reiterated your innocence and I am most certain people agree with you.

I want you to know that this unfortunate incident has not dented even an iota your public image as a good brave woman who, like many of us out here, are working for a new dawn in good governance and to go on to make this country something to be proud of.

I am most impressed by the list of your achievements and it is precisely your calibre of people we are looking to help make this country a place we will be proud to call as our home.

Whatever those on the other side of the ‘Great Divide’ may have said and will say, it doesn’t change the fact that you have been violated and victimised.

It is most shameful that the MSM are turning all their attention on you, as a victim, instead of gunning for the perpetrators.

The truth is out there, and we know. Yes, madam, we know. I am writing to ask you to stay on and continue with your good work.

I understand that you are deeply traumatised by the unauthorised circulation of the photos, but in the end they don’t matter one bit to we people who are waiting for better days to come in this country.

You have been victimised the first time when those photos surfaced, but do not let yourself be victimised the second time by quitting. Stay on and fight them tooth-and-nail and show them your strength and conviction.

You won’t be alone, we are with you all the way. Meantime, take a break to rebuild yourself. Don’t forget to come back to those of us who are waiting to welcome you back to the team. Godspeed and God bless.

On 'Democracy tree' plaque vandalised

Sali-Mother-Of-4: Please tell Pakatan Rakyat Perak to keep the vandalised plaque as a symbol of the ‘nowadays democracy of Malaysia’.

Don’t throw the vandalised plaque away. Erect it again with a new one and let it serve as a reminder.