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'Save Kedah before PAS destroys it'
Published:  Jun 24, 2009 9:46 AM
Updated: 4:39 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘The type of administration by Kedah under PAS really put us Malays in a difficult situation. We don't really need PAS with their extreme policies.’

On Kedah PKR, DAP told to abandon PAS

Fairus Hazli: I am a Malay in Kedah but the type of administration by Kedah under PAS really put us Malays in a difficult situation.

We don't really need PAS with their extreme policies.

Even the bumi quota which was increase from 30% to 50% is ‘killing’ the Malay contractors as there are now less housing projects in Kedah. That means less sub-contract jobs for us.

I hope that this can be highlighted to Anwar Ibrahim who will request ask PKR to step in before PAS destroys the whole of Kedah.

Suresh: Pakatan Rakyat is going to lose in the next general election if PAS still controls Kedah.

The Indians in Kedah get nothing and no assistance from the Kedah government.

Even after Manikumar given a post of exco following his Bukit Selambau win, the Indian community is being left out.

I salute Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang’s idea that PKR and DAP should work with BN.

But PKR and DAP must be given a main role to play in the Kedah government.

On Decision on science and maths in early July


The poor command of English among university and school students was only highlighted after the 1997 currency/DSAI sacking crisis.

It’s been almost 15 years, and the politicians are still singing the same old tune.

I wonder whether there was an English language problem among graduates before that? This is English that we’re talking about not Sanskrit!

But here in Malaysia, it seems that it is a big challenge for us to solve this language problem.

Other education issues (unemployed graduates, etc) are actually used as diversion tactics by the politicians to cover up bigger issues.

That’s why after 15 years, the problem is not solved but keeps cropping up at the appropriate time to overshadow certain political crises faced by the government.

The DPM’s idea of hiring foreign English teachers to overcome the shortage of local English teachers and turning computer labs into language labs is akin to wasting the rakyat’s money to continue this charade.

The simple way to solve this problem is to re-hire retired local English teachers (age/health is not an issue here as they can be made to serve on a three-month contract.

Would anyone reject the idea of hiring Mahathir as an English teacher? And mind you, he’s 80 with two bypass operations!)’

These re-hired teachers must be allowed to teach the language without their hands being tied behind their backs.

That is, allowing them to teach their classes as they see fit. Remember, they have far more experiences in classroom teaching than any officer at the education ministry!

On Federal Court's cart without a horse

Peter Ooi: ‘Don’t you all feel superior to the Federal Court judges because you know the correct answer while the highest court has given a wrong decision?’ asks former judge NH Chan.

Yes. I definitely feel more superior to them after reading his analysis of the judgement. I believe most of the public do too.

I wonder how are the judges going to face their fellow judges from the Commonwealth which has almost similar laws to ours.

Are they going to adopt these judgements as precedents or authorities if their countries are faced with similar situations. I have my doubts.

When judges of the apex court make any decision, they must remember that their judgements are not going to be scrutinised by the locals only. They could be used in other courts of laws too.

But if the judgements are so topsy-turvy as explained, not only will they be rejected outright, they will be made the butt of jokes.

The quality of the judgement is, in fact, a reflection of the integrity of our judiciary and the government. Thus, judges have to be very careful in passing judgements.

On Unity talks: Umno has nothing to lose

SH Huang: Immediately after the March 8 2008, general election, some ambitious political leaders thought of a plan - take over some states lost to Pakatan Rakyat.

The lust for power knows no bounds among politicians. Without consent from BN component parties, Umno had secret meetings with PAS which did not get the green light from PKR and DAP.

Do not assume that all the other Pakatan parties would give a blanket approval.

In fact, as a matter of courtesy, all parties on both sides should discuss and debate on the issue of unity talks. By jumping the gun, they found later that the idea was shot down. What a blow!

Moreover, what is this big idea of having ‘unity talks’ when the prime minister recently announced his grand ‘1Malaysia’?

Unity between Umno and Pas goes against the grain of a bigger ‘1Malaysia’ idea.

You cannot simply have a mini-unity of Muslim-based parties and a maxi-unity of multi-racial parties. They are diametrically opposite poles!

So do not assume that the idea will be palatable to all Malaysians. True enough, the tripartite of PKR-DAP-PAS has rejected the idea.

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