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'PAS treating us like fools'
Published:  Jun 25, 2009 11:21 AM
Updated: 3:29 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘I still don't like Umno but now, I hate PAS. PAS is like an Umno in Pakatan Rakyat only worse. PAS is betraying the non-Malays in Kedah and treating us like fools with all their policies.’

On 'Save Kedah before PAS destroys it'

James Wong: I am one of the non-Malays who voted for PAS in the last general election in 2008. Like everyone else, I was just frustrated with Umno’s style in BN.

The vote for PAS is not because I like PAS, but was intended to teach BN a lesson.

I remember PAS used the slogan ‘PAS for All’ and I was happy to hear that PAS, DAP and PKR formed Pakatan Rakyat.

But after one and a half years, I realise that PAS has betrayed the non-Malays in Kedah and their team members of Pakatan Rakyat.

Maybe it is the fault of DAP and PKR for not standing up against PAS’ racist policies such as the increase of bumi quota for housing to 50% and the recent pig slaughterhouse issue.

The price of pork is increasing and PAS is making things worse. I agree with the above headline and the idea by Gerakan Youth leader Tan Keng Liang for PKR and DAP to work with BN.

I still don't like Umno but now, I hate PAS. PAS is like an Umno in Pakatan Rakyat only worse. PAS is betraying the non-Malays in Kedah and treating us like fools with all their policies.

P Dev Anand Pillai: To an extent, I do agree with what the writers had said as I am a frequent visitor to Alor Setar and I find that the town can do with some cleaning up.

The PAS government has to be able to come up with solutions that the people of Kedah have been looking forward to all this while.

One of the main things which they should learn is to attract investment into the state. If the PAS- led government is not able to do this, then they should be shown the door come the next general elections.

One should take as a guide the short stint which the Pakatan government of Perak had before it was ousted ecause the PAS-DAP collaboration there worked well.

They managed to reduce the state's debts and forged collaborations with interested foreign parties who wanted to invest if red tape and corruption could be reduced.

Besides stressing on religion, PAS should start putting its efforts on building an economic think- tank that will be able to advise them on the economy when they govern states.

Extreme policies and measures will ensure that the people will react by booting them out of office the next time around. The power of the vote is now more better valued.

On Standing Pua suspended from the House

Kevin P:

Look no further for proof of double standards. Pua is now suspended for just arguing with Wan Junaidi the speaker.

In Perak, the speaker gets dragged out and clobbered by the state legislators of BN.

Wearing yellow is a crime. Wearing black is a crime. Holding candle is a crime.

Holding a function to raise funds is a crime. Sitting down and drinking coffee and having breakfast is a crime.

Now standing up is a crime?

On DAP's anti-graft crusader challenges CM

Peter Ooi: Lim Guan Eng should pay heed to Teh Hock Yong's allegation. Lim should know that this is not a laughing matter.

Lim always projects himself to be fiercely against corruption and it is on this attribute that DAP won Penang. It is the very same reason that all Chinese-based BN component parties were thrashed.

With this allegation, he must be seen to walk the talk. Get the MACC to investigate the case. Never mind if the allegation is wild or true.

Never mind if DAP might lose a state assembly person. Integrity and honesty are all that matter.

By doing this, DAP will definitely be able to win our trust.

Otherwise, it would be no better than BN.

On A zmin sees red over fat payout to ex-Ferrari F1 boss

Malaysian-Thru-And-Thru: ‘....To promote Malaysia in Europe, RM1 million is nothing,’ she said

Ng, you must be eating ‘nasi lemak’ from a diamond-encrusted spoon!

Why is there a need to hire someone like a famous actress and her fiancé to promote Malaysia and waste RM1million?

Couldn't you think of a better way to spend that kind of money? Have you thought of the return of investment from that RM1million?

Most of all, have you thought of what it is like for the ordinary hard-working Malaysian citizen to see that amount of money go into someone's pocket (who's already a millionaire) when it's already a daily struggle to make ends meet?

On PM: 'A religious duty to have unity talks'

Allen Yeong: Najib said that only a few in PAS wanted to withdraw from the ‘unity talks’ and not the whole party.

So when Najib agreed to hold the talks, did he get the blessings from everyone in BN?

Ken Tan:

Our PM says it is our religious duty to engage in the ‘unity government’ talks. Let me ask some pertinent questions here.

When the country is being plundered by corrupted people, why wasn't God's wrath invoked and action taken in the name of God?

When the poor are marginalised, why wasn't this redressed in the name of God? Why now only does our PM say it is a religious duty to engage in ‘unity government’ talks?

Please don't use God for your convenience.

On Decision on science and maths in early July

Dr MR Bakashmar: This is a major policy reform. A nationwide pilot will be useful before making any major changes across the board.

Why not start with a few, say for example, two primary and two secondary schools in each state in Malaysia where everything is taught in English except 'Pendidikan Moral' or 'Agama'.

These schools should be well-equipped, financially-aided and with the best teachers we can afford.

Entrance though should be optional to willing parents (and students) via applications to the relevant authorities.

If the results are encouraging at the primary and secondary school levels, say, over three to five years, an additional provision can then be made.

This for an additional government university or two that use English as a medium of instruction, to be established in the medium-term.

A streamlined and gradual transition will be less painful and easier to evaluate, while keeping the process democratic.

On Federal Court's cart without a horse

Ahmad Kamal: It takes a judge and not lesser mortals to comment on judges as opposed to the judgments of judges, which NH Chan J, suitably did in this article.

I must say that the judges so mentioned must have lost the grasp of first principles.

The Election Commission is a body constituted under an Act of Parliament empowered to administer elections and not decide on substantive principles of law.

As lucidly argued by Chan, that power lies with the Perak legislative assembly, a power vested by the Perak constitution.

There is an apparent weakness in the judgement of an understanding of the power of institutions set up to safeguard the principles of democracy and good governance.

On Ghosts of communist insurgency return to haunt M'sia

Yin Ee Kiong: The Haadyai Accord allows all former members of the Malayan Communist Party to return to Malaysia.

Other members of the MCP have returned and resettled in Malaysia; why should Chin Peng be the exception?

The others, too, have killed in the course of their struggle; if that is the reason why Chin Peng is not allowed back then surely these other MCP members should also not have been allowed back.

Those who are against Chin Peng's return are people with small minds and even smaller hearts. They are people who do not understand that in a 'war' there are casualties on both sides.

The families of the communists have also lost loved ones. The point is that this was so long ago, so why don't we just forgive and forget? What's with some Malaysians that they cannot forgive what happened?

We have forgiven the Japanese for their cruelty during the war, the Europeans have forgiven the Germans for inflicting so much damage and death.

The Tutsis have forgiven the Hutus for the genocide and Mandela has never held a grudge against the Whites for what they did during apartheid.

We should honour the spirit and letter of the peace accord without exception. And we should show the kinder side of our nature by forgiving the past.

Those who call for the continued banning of Chin Peng from Malaysia are mean-spirited. They show the ugly, unforgiving side of us Malaysians. Chin Peng is just a harmless old man who wants to come home. Let him.

On Manohara's mom on the run from French authorities?

Doraisamy Karuppiah: Can we ask the Kelantan prince what has this case of Daisy (Manohara’s mother) got to do with your alleged torture of Manohara. Is it tit for tat?

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