Wang ehsan: Money for Umno's cronies

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vox populi small thumbnail 'The money will not be channeled to Kelantan government but be spend by BN for useless crony-benefiting projects like Monsoon Cup and the Crystal Mosque in Terengganu.'

'Wang ehsan' will not go to K'tan gov't

Kgan: So the money will not be channeled to Kelantan government but be spend by BN for useless crony-benefiting projects like Monsoon Cup and the Crystal Mosque in Terengganu. The Kelantan govt does not need half-hearted measures which benefit cronies, not the people of Kelantan.

Varvoom: Under existing laws, a nation is allowed to exploit maritime resources up to 200 nautical miles from its shoreline. Been a federated nation, that stretched of sea up to 200 nautical miles belonging to Kelantan. Adek... are you playing around with figures? We are not fools...

Bridge collapse: 'Teachers absent when kids crossed'

Jet: A lot of people have forgotten that the teachers are also volunteers and do this work for the kids on their own time. Stop this. Blame the Education Department, blame the teachers, what is the point anyway? No Govt. involvement there. Shameful , really shameful. Malaysian Politics has a new low.

Vikneswaran Munusamy: This is just a one-off case, which have came to limelight because of the tragedy. In reality, how many camps have gone un-noticed - no point pointing finger on individual for their carelessness.

It is not just a bridge that has failed, but the whole system which have failed to save these pupils. We claim our nation to be a developing country for the past five decades, but we are still left far behind in certain things. I think our government should start adopting good practices which have been implemented by foreign nation such as risk assessment and management, instead of putting the blame on God.

Nedunchelian Vengu: Just sue the Education Department and the teachers for RM100 Million for negligence. They should the learnt the lesson! Forget about the indemnity form. The content should be explained to the signatory before he or she signed it. In this case, the form is null and void!

MCA AGM on Dec 5 - one week after 2nd EGM

Tan Hoe Een: Settle the issue once for all. No way Liow Tiong Lai or any of his supporter is going to support the greater unity plan as none dare to make the first move and suddenly find there is no door behind to retreat to if the front door suddenly shut in the face.

It is better to stay put in the seats even though there is no chip left on the table nor card left in the hands. After all, there is always safety in numbers no matter how small... perceived or otherwise... and there is nothing left to lose too. They call it democracy... and they reserved the right to its interpretation.

As for the MCA members/delegates, they have a choice let's hope they make a good one...for the sake of all Malaysians.

Perakian: Can we have more of other news rather than so much of such from MCA? Seriously, I don't think majority of Chinese Malaysians really care. It's just a political party within BN, to say it represents Chinese Malaysians is politically incorrect.

Lahore San: "I will not turn my back against the delegates, who have also voted for me as the MCA president. Let me be frank. I have had a pockmarked relationship with Dr Chua over the past one year." That is putting it mildly.

He sacked CSL (Chua Soi Lek), turning his reptilian back on the self- interesets delegates who voted him in as president and set off the cabin of events leading to today. Now he wants to remain in charge and he expects the betrayed to believe him and his GUP (greater unity plan) ? The EGM is the only way to go.

A Malaysia without Malaysiakini...

Gk: I don't mind paying more for my subscription to Malaysiakini . Thank you for your professionalism. You had gone through thin and thick, and am proud to be your subscriber. Good works, Chandra, Gan and the whole Malaysiakini team.

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