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Next GE: 'Let police stand as candidates'

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your say 'The police should declare that they are part and parcel of the BN coalition and they should stand as candidates in the next general election. They are not neutral and they act oppressively towards the opposition.'

DAP rep stumped by 'police intimidation' charge

Azmil Tayeb: Ean Yong Hian Wah was only urging the police to stop probing Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. ‘Urging' is only ‘appealing', so what is so wrong?

The police have a more important role in crime prevention involving deaths and robbery. Now, with this case, we must thank the police for giving more points to Pakatan Rakyat in the coming general election.

I hope that should Pakatan walk into Putrajaya the very first agenda is to push for the IPCMC. The Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar should stop these arm-twisting tactics. The rakyat have lost faith in the police, the judiciary and the MACC.

Suhaimi Said: The police should declare that they are part and parcel of the BN coalition and they should stand as candidates in the next general election. They are not neutral and they act oppressively towards the opposition.

Multi Racial: Our government service - be it from the police, state assembly staff and many other government departments - are biased towards BN. Maybe this is due to BN being in power for way too long or that they are intimidated by them.

It means these people are not professional. There are so many things that need to be changed in Malaysia. This is just only one.

KSN: The police should take DAP leader M Kulasegaran's advice which appeared in yesterday's papers in that they should investigate crime and not personalities. In short, they should be professional.

But that seems unlikely to happen under the current circumstances with the leadership of the police and the politicians they appear to take instructions from. That is the public perception as it is.

Ean Yong, police - 'Who is intimidating who?'

Snoopdog: ‘Sack the whole police force and replace them?' Then what, the army, the navy and all the local governments councils? Sack them too and replace them with PKR-friendly people?

If PKR reps are not stopped in their tracks, then they will become more lawless so I say anytime they say anything, go after them.

That is the name of the game. The majority rules and the majority voted for BN. At the next election, we will vote them in again as we do not need the law of the jungle that the PKR will bring.

That's when the judiciary that will set everybody free, criminals will get away carrying guns and killing people and when criminals become more important than their victims.

Mythots: Let's not read too much into all these sideshows and continue to focus on the real issues at hand, namely, working hard to change the government in office at the next general election.

Let's face it - they have the machinery but we have the vote, so let's start using this power of our vote wisely.

Let us not rest until we have effected a change in the country's leadership at the 13 th general election. Everything else is a stark reminder to the task ahead.

Kanasai: Who is this Khalid Abu Bakar? He is intimidated by just a statement? What type of courage does the Malaysian police force have? The criminals are laughing. No wonder the crime rate has never improved.

The only improvement is just the key performance indicators (KPI) of the inspector-general of police but he would be a laughing stock unless this Khalid is removed due to incompetency.

Inspectour Klueso: The clueless Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series, notwithstanding his unending bumbling and fumbling actions, in the end always nails the culprits.

Unfortunately, Khalid, despite the ‘Tan Sri', ‘Datukship' and whatever else conferred on him, goes through the same Clouseau-like routines, but in the end, nails the wrong people.

Michael Ng: What do you expect the general public to think of our police? If we all think the police force sounds like it belongs to Umno, can you blame us? Looks like the police hands are alway busy with anything connected to the Pakatan leaders.

Bapak Toyol: Khalid, stop treating the citizens like fools. It appears you do not even know your priorities.

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