Return to 1999 BA manifesto: PRM Youth

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PRM Youth chairperson Faisal Sanusi today urged Barisan Alternatif component parties to return to the 1999 Joint Manifesto saying it is very difficult to work without a common base.

He said the manifesto was the basis of understanding between the four component parties — PRM, Keadilan, DAP and PAS — since 1999 .

DAP dropped out of the opposition coalition in Sept last year due to its inability to resolve the Islamic state issue with PAS.

"Despite our different ideologies, we were united by our desires and our aim to topple the Barisan Nasional," Faisal told the 50-odd delegates at the party's 10th Youth congress held in Kuala Lumpur.

"It is not that we do not agree with their ideologies but the BA concept has to be strengthened. We need to respect each other," he added in his opening speech at the congress.

Faisal was referring to PAS insistence of setting up an Islamic state if the party attains power.

He said there are concerns now within the opposition coalition regarding the concept which has not been fully explained by PAS.

He added that there were also confusion with Barisan Nasional's declaration that Malaysia is already an Islamic state.

The party congress this year will focus on several resolutions related to a new political order that will bring about a just and progressive society.

The delegates will also select a new logo for the Youth wing and give the mandate to a special committee to discuss new strategies to revitalise the wing.

Select right people

Meanwhile, PRM deputy president Abdul Razak Ahmad urged the party's Youth wing to play a more important role in the current political landscape.

Razak said it was important to select people who are truly interested in carrying out their duties to lead the party to greater heights.

"If you're not interested, then say no. Do not waste that position. Leave it open for someone who can really do the work," he said.

Razak also said that this year could be the last time that PRM holds its own congress as the party may merge with Keadilan soon.

But this move, he said, is welcomed by many as PRM leaders are highly respected due to the party's long and glorious history.

The main body of the party will meet tomorrow. This year is also the party's election year.

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