Women MBs: 'Hamidah, speak for yourself'

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vox populi big thumbnail 'Just because you're not qualified to be MB doesn't mean that you should drag others down with you. It's not that women cannot become MBs. It's you who cannot be an MB.'


Who said women cannot become MBs?

Keturunan Malaysia: Hamidah Osman, granted you are not made of the stuff that would qualify you to be an MB. What is despicable is the fact that you are trying to disqualify other women from being MB!

Lil' sis, the best advice I can give you is to talk for no one but yourself.

Phra Ong Chao: Speak for yourself, Hamidah, of the 'snake' fame . Just because you're not qualified to be MB doesn't mean that you should drag others down with you. It's not that women cannot become MBs. It's you who cannot be an MB.

Ida Bakar: What century and country does Hamidah live in? Just looking around in the region around us: Sheikh Hasina Wazed of Bangladesh, Megawati Sukarnoputri of Indonesia, Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan.

And why can't non-Malays be MBs in the nine states? After all, the sultan is for all the people in the said states, not just for the Malays.

RR: Let us come out of this Stone Age law and rules and move with time. Women are as good as men in leadership. In most universities today, women outnumber the men. They are not stupid. We have proof of this in countries where women have led or are leading.

Geronimo : Personally, I would not want to see a non-Malay becoming the prime minister of the country because he would be spending more time fire-fighting racial and religious bigots rather than managing the nation.

I am all for a Malay PM or MB, so long as he is fair, just and firm.

Confused: What a sad state of affairs in Malaysia in the 21st century. If a black man with a Muslim background can become president of the US, then why can't a non-Malay/non-Muslim become a PM or MB in Malaysia?

Yuvan: A lot of countries around the world are moving forward with huge paradigm shifts in their thinking and making extraordinary changes in their administration, determined to make this world a better, healthier and safer place for humanity.

Malaysia is among the few countries stuck in some kind of primitive mindset about gender and government administration and who can be appointed MB or PM. We will never be able to move an inch forward and become a progressive nation until we have politicians and leaders who are willing to make giant leaps forward in their thinking with conviction and courage.

It is now more than 52 years since Merdeka and here we are debating about issues concerning gender equality and whether a person from a particular race only could hold the prestigious office of a menteri besar or prime minister.

Changeagent: Great news. It means that it is constitutionally possible for even (former DAP, now independent Penang assemblyperson) Hew Yit Foong to be the next Perak MB.

The spat between 'tauke' Hasan and 'kuli' Khalid

Remo: Khalid Samad, rest assured that you have the right-thinking rakyat on your side, If you can walk into a church with no religious misconceptions and engage Christians in a meaningful discussion, in my book, you're what 1Malaysia is really all about.

As for that rabble-rouser Hasan Ali, PAS would do well not to field him in the next general election. He has become a liability to the party. Even if BN puts a goat to run against him, the goat would win hooves down.

Justice Seeker: Khalid, you are a ‘kuli' to the majority of Malaysians. Your ultimate aim is to serve all Malaysians, irrespective of race. You are a true Malaysian leader, the future Malaysian leader. Just ignore the six months' suspension. The majority of the rakyat are with you. May Allah bless you.

Louis: Hasan likes to play to the gallery, but falls far short of a good leader. PAS cannot differentiate between an enemy and friend. While Hasan has been spewing out venomous statements against the state government, Khalid has been trying to build the image of a clean government. Hasan should have been sacked long ago.

Abacus: The punishment has been meted out to both. It is not a matter of who wins or loses. Both should now focus on the more important tasks ahead, and that is to continue to fight the original fight and to face the real enemies - those who have taken from the rakyat through years of corruption and abuse of power.

Jiminy Qrikert: Khalid Samad is the loyalist to PAS and will be the ever faithful servant of the party and a righteous member of Pakatan. Hasan is the turncoat who will kill PAS ground support before he leaves the party to rejoin Umno - mission accomplished.

Mano: YB Khalid, can someone clone you so that more of us have representatives like you instead of only Shah Alam?

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