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No remorse from cow-head protesters
Published:  Jul 27, 2010 11:58 PM
Updated: Jul 28, 2010 9:58 AM

your say 'The four who were found to be innocent congratulated each other publicly, presumably because justice was served when it came to them.'


Cow-head protest: Four discharged of sedition

Multi Racial: The cow-head protesters' actions were supported by some politicians, including the home minister. The punishment is too soft and will not deter such a crime again.

Secondly, there's been a lack of transparency in this. I would like to know why the four have had their charges dropped. Finally, what about those who supported the protest openly, such as Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

If his actions were not illegal, the least he should do is to issue a public apology for his actions and swear not to repeat them in future.

Bobby Cheng: This must be the joke of the year. These guys played with fire, stirred up religious sentiments, instigated racial disharmony. They should have been sent to prison under ISA. The ISA should not be used against reporters and politicians, but against those who initiate racial and religious hatred. The rot starts from the court house.

Chuah Siew Eng: Regardless of the punishment, do you think they feel any remorse at all? The four who were found to be innocent congratulated each other publicly, presumably because justice was served when it came to them.

But did they think about justice for the Hindus who had to face this ugly protest made against their right to practise their religion in that neighbourhood? I wish these protesters would remember and emulate the non-Muslims' forbearance in the face of such incitement.

Perhaps hoping for remorse would be pushing the limits of their compassion and humanity.

Jerusalem Cross: Syabas, Barisan Nasional. Now we all know the government sanctioned punishment for insulting another religion and threatening violence. Hooray!

Sentinel: What kind of justice is this - the four refused to plead guilty and they were set free? What kind of justice system are we practising?

Baiyuensheng: So this is the punishment? One week in jail and RM3,000 fine for inciting racial tension? If a pig-head were paraded in the streets the next time by some insensitive Chinese, the punishment would be just one week's jail and RM3,000 fine or just a RM3,000 fine?

Malaysian: No Mazu statue, no Indian temple, no 'Allah' for Christians, no non-Muslim religious societies in school, top students denied scholarships by Public Services Department, etc. Malay supremacists, you only shame your own race. Non-racist Malays are ashamed.

Concern_Father: They were slapped with a fine only, no ISA, and even the charges were changed to allow a lower penalty. If this was done by non-Muslims, the whole case would be different. Well done, BN, this is your 1Malaysia.

Md Imraz Muhd Ikhbal: Only RM1,000 fine? Great, at least when Umno pays the fine for them, not that much of our taxpayers money will be siphoned out of the nation's coffers.

This is classic eye-wash by the government. If we the rakyat remain ignorant and dumb, then rest assured that we'll all vote Umno again into power. Thereupon, Umno can continue to orchestrate some more cow-head protests and continue to let the kangaroo courts perform the eye-wash they're so great at.

Habib RAK: An absolutely disgusting verdict. Even in the face of compelling and irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing, the judiciary refuses to do justice. It is no surprise why FDI is in the negative. There is no justice for the non-Umno entities in Malaysia. Only by kicking out Umno will justice prevail once again.

Christopher: I am sure BN demanded this lenient fine. This will raise investors confidence as more FDI (foreign direct investments) will arrive to start up cow-farming to cater for higher demand of cow heads since the punishment for such acts are pretty reasonable.

Disgusted: 1Malaysia, 2 systems. One for Umnoputras and one for others. Umnoputras can get away with murder. The rest will be severely punished, even with ISA. The rakyat are totally fed up. I will definitely want to see a change. If BN retains power after 13th general election, we may as well get ready to quit this country and migrate as we have no locus standi here.

Alexander Yuan: I studied ‘civilised' law so that I can uphold justice. Now it seems to have been a big mistake because Malaysia practices the ‘law of the jungle'.

Swipenter: To all BN component parties except for Umno, are you blind to the insidious and slow cultural and religious genocide that has been going on for the last 30-plus years? Now we know that some people can trample on your religious icons, insult your religion and probably firebomb your house of worship and get away with a relatively light sentence of illegal assembly and disorderly behaviour.

VP Biden: The kangaroo courts have again showed the rakyat the kind of twisted minds that sit on the judiciary. Everyone has a limit to condoning things, and this is the beginning of the end. This verdict is an insult to all those who profess the Hindu religion. Indians of the Hindu faith, do you still want BN to represent you?

Gen2: "Eyzva Ezhar was ordered to serve his week in jail after he completes his current jail time. He is currently serving time in a prison in Jelebu for a previous drug conviction ".

So the 'defenders' of Islam are made up of the dregs of society, low-level scum found in the drains and back lanes of Lorong Haji Taib and Chow Kit.

Tan Kian Khim: Just as everyone predicted, the Umno-linked-and-endorsed 'cow's head' mob were let off with nothing more than a silky caress on the wrist by the 'judiciary'. With their crimes amply documented in print, photo and on video, this pathetic verdict is the best that the court could come up with?

There really is no longer any point in saying that this makes a mockery of the Malaysian justice system - because there no longer exists a justice system to mock anyway. When such blatantly malicious and provocative actions are allowed to go unpunished - and are openly endorsed by the home minister himself - they merely add further proof (as if any more were needed) that Najib's '1Malaysia' is nothing more than a hypocritical public relations exercise and that Umno is nothing more than a mob of corrupt, racist thugs hiding behind the tattered fig leaf of pseudo-nationalistic ethnocentrism.

Extremists like Perkasa will now see this as an open license to further insult and inflame race relations.

Isaac Ho: No wonder there is no racial equality in Malaysia today. These troublemakers are so lightly punished for a crime against social stability that it really makes a mockery of the entire justice system. I say shame on the judge and shame on those perpetrators for their insulting crime against the Indians. Imagine what would happen if a wild boar head is thrown and dragged to the front gate of a mosque?

Arul Inthirarajah: Far from being a deterrent, the sentence only encourages future behaviour like this.

Citizen: As expected.




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