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Teoh's 'suicide note' makes no sense

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vox populi small thumbnail 'They had the suicide note since October 2009. Why didn't they show it to Teoh’s family when they were demanding for the truth?’


Teoh's family outraged over mystery note

DannyLoHH: What should the police investigator do when he found the ‘suicide note’? Common sense would tell you that they should check with the family, show them the note to not only confirm if the note was written by the deceased but also to console the family so that they could move on.


Now look back at the Teoh Beng Hock case. They had the suicide note since October 2009. Why didn't they show it to the family when they were demanding for the truth? Why didn't they show it to the family to verify if the note was authentic? It just doesn't make any sense, unless the note was forged.

Voice: Two questions always come in mind. First, is there any strong reason or proof to believe or to suggest that TBH has the intention to commit suicide or why he need to commit suicide. And secondly, any strong reasons to prove that why he do it in such a hurry.

Loyal Malaysian:

I share the family's pain and outrage. Yes, the family should make known their '"dissatisfaction, outrage, bewilderment and disappointment" with the attorney-general but I think it's a calculated move. The AG - and whoever is directing him - has decided the family's expected reaction is dispensable.

Cala: The manner in which the AG’s Chambers was trying to tender the said "suicide note" at the eleventh hour of the inquest, the two government pathologists' unprofessional post-mortem exercises, the conduct of MACC legal adviser in trying to over- protect his officers - all point to a grand plan of running away from bearing the responsibility over the death of TBH.

If there is anybody to blame for this shocking state of affair, who else but Dr Mahathir Mohamad? Single-handedly, he was responsible for "the lost ethical years" as he had systematically dismantled all forms of institutions in this Bolehland (Wain, 2009, p. 347, para3) for his own selfish ends.

Hann Wei Toh: Could it be Teoh was forced to write such a note and to indicate that it was not his own message, he purposely created discrepancies? The note could have been forged, but for the attorney-general to have the guts to present it to the court, this may not be very likely, though it is still possible. The likelihood that it was written unwillingly by Teoh seems a little higher.

Joe: MCA and the rest of the BN coalition have not uttered a single word so far regarding the disgraceful conduct of the AG. Where are the BN parties? Are they following the developments or are they sticking their heads in the sand, too sacred to speak? Say something!

How many times must Teoh Beng Hock die? How many times must the family of Teoh Beng Hock be victimised by the AG and MACC? We condemn the action of the AG and demand his resignation. We call upon the PM to walk his talk, show us that his ‘people first, performance now’ concept is real. If the PM fails to take action to hold the AG accountable, Najib Razak can regard that note as the suicide note of his government.

Lusiapa: The barrage of strong words and condemnation against the AG for his last-minute desperate attempt to cover-up what is generally believed to be a case of indisputable homicide, is a clear indication of the depth of public anger and frustration against his most unprofessional conduct as the nation's highest prosecutor.

Never in recent history has a public servant of his standing been so maligned and cursed since the time "the irrelevant judge" went to meet his maker; and rightly so. That the family of the late TBH, simple minded and unassuming as they are, to have the raw courage to openly lash out their pent-up feelings is understandable - they have totally lost confidence and respect for the man whom they had so faithfully cooperated for the past one year.

With the whole world watching, can the AG ever hold his head high again? Has he forgotten the fate of his immediate predecessor? That's indeed a very high price to pay for perverting justice.

Dappy: Is counsel assisting the government Tan Hock Chuan going to play along with AG's lies and evil plot? If he does, he will not have sound sleep as Teoh Beng Hock will haunt him.

WanBest: PM Najib Razak, you want truth to prevail so it is the right moment to set up a royal commission of inquiry into Teoh’s death. Show your ‘1Malaysia’ ability and your leadership or you will get more doubts and dissatisfaction cast on you and Umno.

Fairplayer: AG Gani Patail, you may as well say that justice and the judiciary had committed suicide since you took over as AG as it was you and your breed who murdered and buried justice in Malaysia. Let's exhumed our dead justice and judiciary.


On Ex-ISA detainee loses RM2.5mil award, ordered to pay RM20,000

Ferdtan: Something is rotten in the Palace of Justice. In this holy month of Ramadan, we pray to the Almighty to hear our cries for justices for the common people. We have many good and brave judges in the High Court but none in the higher courts - the Court of Appeals and the Federal Court.

You, the so-called higher-positioned judges, be warned - in the afterlife you will be judged by the most omnipotent Judge of all - our Allah.

S: The three judges just made our nation and each and everyone of us proud with their fault-free, (I presume) divinely-inspired judgment. I hope similar wisdom will be used by them and their buddies for the next two years. This is exactly how one ‘restores confidence’ in the judiciary and ‘win’ back the hearts and minds of the Malaysian public.

Amos: The judicial rape and rot started way back in 1988 by Dr Mahathir Mohamad and got worse over the years. No one bothered and kept voting BN back into power. Now the rot has turned to decay. Nothing can be done to these arrogant manipulators unless the people kick them out.

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: It’s a black day for justice. The Bar Council (if it has any credibility left) ought to issue a strong statement condemning this perverse decision of the Federal Court that was only motivated by political considerations, just like the Court of Appeal decision by judges who are not fit to sit on the bench let alone dispense justice.

These are judges who are only concerned with self-preservation, promotions, recognition and benefits after retirement. When Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government, at least 10 to 15 of the superior court judges ought to be suspended pending an investigation by a committee of inquiry into their integrity, competence and impartiality.

Until then, the Bar should make it known to the judiciary to stop deceiving the people about their perceived independence and impartiality. These series of unjust decisions by the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court should stop and if not the time has come for the Bar to boycott the courts until justice is restored.

Tan Kian Khim: The pace of judicial misconduct has noticeably accelerated in the past couple of months; from the consistent and unjustified refusals to allow Anwar Ibrahim's defence team access to so-called 'evidence' in the 'Sodomy 2' frame-up, the desperate evasion over the Saiful-Farah affair, the dropping of charges against the 'cow-head' protestors, the attempt to intimidate and suppress testimony from Dr  Pornthip Rojanasunand, the sudden introduction of the fabricated 'suicide note' from Teoh Beng Hock, to the dismissal of this case.

Umno is clearly drowning and is desperately putting pressure on its pet judges to quickly suppress all court cases that are against it. One wonders how these worse-than-disgraceful judges, the attorney-general, MACC and the police can sleep at night. Their sins are recorded in history and will be the burden of their descendants.

Michael Ng: Are all the judges in Court of Appeal sand the Federal Court so blindly loyal to their master without any own sense of justice or any feeling of guilt in carrying out their duties and profession?

On Khalid: BN spitting in their own faces

Sarawakian: Stand your ground, Khalid Ibrahim. For Umno, losing Selangor to Pakatan is like a small boy having his toys snatched away. The only people who are making a lot of noise about Selangor are Umno and their tools like Utusan Malaysia , New Straits Times and The Star .

Mohd Khir Toyo thinks he can get his old job back by foul means but no way Jose. Once is enough. He should give Selangor people some credit for that.


Every right-thinking rakyat should give their utmost support to the Selangor government under Khalid to ensure more progress and growth to expand under the administration of the Pakatan leadership.

Allan Kong: Khalid, it is good to see you have both plan and passion in you. But play it all honest and above board. We stand by you. We have seen enough of how unsavoury people at work. Show them your professional charisma.

Kit Carson: I am sure Khalid has a plan of action against the barrage of BN lies and distortion. You have my full support and I am sure I speak for most Selangoreans.

Noriha: I hope Khalid will play by the rules and not by hook or by crook to get what he wants. We already had enough of that from Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim.


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